Join 1,500+ of Boston tech's entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and philanthropists as we collectively raise $400K+ to support six local nonprofits (while enjoying top-shelf wine and tequila) for #TUGGwp2015.


April 16, 2015

6:30 PM to 12:00 AM

Landmark Center, 401 Park Drive, Boston

Formerly Best Buy, it's the first floor retail space at the corner of Park Drive and Brookline Avenue (Google Maps)


To help you get to the party, Bridj will be running pop-up service from the Back Bay, Kendall, Downtown, and Seaport. You’ll be able to reserve your seat starting Friday, April 10th.

Just search in the Bridj app for trips from the above service areas and 401 Park Drive (download the Bridj app if you don't have it yet). Fares are only $0.50, but if you can’t spare two quarters just use promo code ‘tugg’ to hop on for free! 




Lars Albright, SessionM

Mike Baker, DataXu

Nitesh Banta, General Catalyst

Matthew Bellows, Yesware

Wayne Chang, Twitter

Peter Dolan, Makena Capital Management

Liam Donohue, .406 Ventures

Brent Grinna, EverTrue

Diane Hessan, Startup Institute 

Janet Kraus, Peach

Adam Marcus, OpenView Venture Partners

Freddie Martignetti, Suffolk Equity

Patrick Morley, Bit9

Jules Pieri, The Grommet

Dan Primack, Fortune

Jason Robins, DraftKings

Scott Savitz, Data Point Capital

Fred Shilmover, InsightSquared

Brian Shortsleeve, General Catalyst


If you're having a drink at our party, you're enjoying premium stuff--our wines retail in the $100 range--and it's all donated.

It all started nearly ten years ago with twenty young VCs and tech entrepreneurs in a conference room, meeting in support of Year Up, drinking wine that was way above their pay grade. A wine connoisseur had posed a challenge to the attendees: find a way to engage both the tech community and social organizations at the same time. A beneficiary of YearUp attended, and when he started talking about their work, the room went quiet; the message was that powerful. These people got together for a social occasion, but the poignance of this nonprofits's story became the center of attention.

The attendees at that original gathering wondered, "How can we give the same experience to the broader community? A way for the tech community to get to know these incredible nonprofits in a fun, social setting?" That's how the Wine Party was born, by putting quality wine, awesome people in the tech community, and up and coming nonprofits in the same room and letting the magic happen.

As the 30-something bachelors became 40-something dads, the tech startups that were the founding sponsors of the Wine Party began to invite all of their younger employees to become part of the night. TUGG's audience was changing, so we tested out a change to our party by adding tequila. We ran out of inventory in an hour. In 2014, we upped our game with 9 cases of tequila. We ran out in two hours. Clearly, TUGG's attendees know how to party.

Now in our ninth year in 2015, both wine and tequila live side by side and everyone has a good time.


Six nonprofits will be at this year's Wine Party--three returning favorites from the TUGG portfolio, and three new and promising ones. Meet and mingle with representatives from these nonprofits and hear their stories during the event.

Then cast your votes for your favorite returning and your favorite new nonprofit. We'll count the votes and announce the winner of each. They'll both get up to $50,000.

It's open-source philanthropy where the crowd decides which nonprofits get funded. Last year's event raised $350k in one night!


Have questions? Contact TUGG at

Interested in sponsoring the 9th Annual Wine & Tequila Party? Contact Zoe Anatekis at