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The TUGG Wine & Tequila Party was amazing!

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TUGG’s 13th Annual Wine & Tequila Party Host Committee


What’s the Wine & Tequila party about?

TUGG’s annual Wine & Tequila party all started thirteen years ago with twenty young VCs and tech entrepreneurs in a conference room, meeting in support of Year Up, drinking wine that was way above their pay grade. A wine connoisseur had posed a challenge to the attendees: find a way to engage both the tech community and social organizations at the same time. A beneficiary of Year Up attended, and when he started talking about their work, the room went quiet; the message was that powerful. These people got together for a social occasion, but the poignance of this nonprofits's story became the center of attention.

Thirteen years later, our goal remains steadfast: to connect some of the most exciting, early stage nonprofits with the best of Boston’s tech community. We are inviting three new nonprofits (and the three winners from a previous year!) to introduce themselves to our community at this year’s Wine & Tequila party. 1,000 attendees will all get a poker chip upon entering the room and for the first half of the evening, it is our incoming nonprofits job to network: demonstrations, introducing themselves to as many people as they can, and “Shark Tank-ing” their way throughout the room. At some point in the evening, we ask everyone to place their poker chip in a basket that corresponds with which nonprofit resonated with them the best. We raise $150,000 and disburse it out, according to which nonprofits secured the most votes. It’s a truly unforgettable time and special moment for the Boston tech community.




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