Pledge 1% is a global movement that is creating a new normal where giving back is integrated into the DNA of companies of all sizes. Over 1,000 companies in 30 countries have pledged 1% to support nonprofit causes and programs.

Greater Boston is the “Innovation Hub” of the country. 

Pledge 1% Boston makes it possible for individuals and companies to pledge 1% equity of their company for the benefit of Greater Boston or anywhere in the country or the world. Pledge 1% Boston also encourages companies to pledge employee time, products, or profit to worthy causes. Pledge a small portion of your future success today and have an enormous impact tomorrow.


Aside from being the “right thing to do,” giving back is the smart thing to do because it’s good for your business. 

Appeal to Consumers. 87% of consumers believe corporations should place at least equal weight on business and supporting their communities. 

Attract Top Talent. 60%+ of Millennials state that a sense of purpose is a key reason they choose to work for their current employers. 

Retain Talent. Companies that integrate corporate citizenship into their businesses have 2.3 times the employee retention. 

Taking the pledge helps founders and companies demonstrate their commitment and hold themselves accountable for turning a pledge into action.

Sample Companies That Have Taken the Pledge

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