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Tech Gives Back 2019

The Most Impactful Tech Gives Back Yet

Tech Gives Back, born in Boston, is the largest industry service event in the country

(and just maybe, the entire world)

Last year, 2,000 Boston tech workers from 75 companies came together to volunteer at over 45 nonprofits, totaling over 6,000 hours of community service. Through our amazing partners at Silicon Valley Bank, Tech Gives Back extended to 7 states and even 3 countries. 

This year, we expect to be bigger than that... and we’re going to be more impactful.

A big thank you to this year’s participating nonprofits!

And for all of our volunteers, don’t forget about coming to the:

TUGG has spent the last year developing better ways to engage Boston’s most talented workforce with some of our cities most promising nonprofits. Through our Lunch n’ Learn program, we’ve validated our belief that the Boston tech community increasingly wants to give back and use their skills to help nonprofits solve their most challenging problems. This year, we are incorporating some changes to Tech Gives Back that will help us achieve an even greater impact. Additionally, we’re introducing software that will streamline the process for nonprofits and organizations to get registered.

Here are the major changes to look for this year:

  1. Introducing skilled volunteering opportunities

    The core of Tech Gives Back remains in the kinds of activities that come to mind when thinking about volunteering—the physical, hands-on opportunities that are great team builders and help nonprofits with some of their “heavier-lift” items. But this year, we’ve invited nonprofits to also submit a business problem—it could be tech, marketing, or finance focused—as a means of maximizing their volunteers’ time to do something that is tangibly and impactfully different. These volunteer opportunities will have a variety of team sizes and tasks needed (from hackathons, to awareness building, to IT audits, and so on), and will offer a fresh and exciting way to get involved this year.

    2. Announcing 48in48: October 25th-27th

    48in48 is a nonprofit whose mission to build 48 websites for 48 nonprofits in 48 hours. They travel to different cities around the country and host weekend-long hackathons to upgrade nonprofits' web presence overnight. While technically outside of the Tech Gives Back dates, we encourage all of our volunteers to take a strong look at donating your time to help this cause.

    Developers, PMs, and marketing people needed!

    3. Implementing Tech Gives Back’s largest software upgrade EVER

    This year, TUGG is excited to announce we’ll be powering Tech Gives Back through new software, called Golden. With Golden, we’ve streamlined the registration process and given much-needed accountability and insight to project leaders. You’ll be able to easily share and claim projects, bulk signup your team, make any edits/changes, and most importantly,  have complete transparency into your team and their projects. With Golden, Tech Gives Back can scale significantly—and we intend to.

Sponsorship has some major perks. Please email for more information

Without the support of our partners, Tech Gives Back would not be possible. TUGG is grateful to the following companies for helping bring Tech Gives Back to life:

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