Running Against the Wind: Team TUGG Runs the Boston Marathon

Admit it. You now have this song stuck in your head. You're welcome. 

Remember that time I told you that four of Boston’s top tech CEOs were rolling out of bed on Sundays to go run in snowstorms? Those same four amazing guys finally conquered the 119th Boston Marathon on April 20th, and proved that you’ve got to have some serious grit to survive those 26.2 miles. 

Brent, Fred, Matt, and Mike--despite their hectic winter schedules and a whole heaps of physical challenges (re: BOSnow)--trained hard week in and week out (with the help of Coach Erik and RunKeeper) to build up their endurance for race day. No one knew just how much all those rough training conditions would prepare them for the day of the event.

Rainy, windy, and cold, April 20th wasn’t exactly the perfect day for the iconic race, but that didn’t stop anyone. The four CEOs dug deep to face the harsh weather, push through those heartbreaking (muscle burning) hills, and finally cross that famous finish line on Boylston Street on Monday afternoon. As if the physical challenge and cheering spectators weren’t enough of a motivator, Brent, Fred, Matt, and Mike were all running for charity; their courageous journey to the finish line raised $40,000 for BUILD, InnerCity Weightlifting, CareerVillage, and Science from Scientists collectively. And right around the mile 19 marker, we hoisted up a support tent, threw on bright green ponchos, vigorously rang cowbells, and blew vuvuzelas until our lips went numb, all to cheer on our guys. 

On behalf of Team TUGG runners, our nonprofits, and our entire staff, I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who came out on race day to show their support. But don’t worry if you missed it! You can check out all the action (and a few priceless moments) in our Facebook album, or stop by the TUGG office to grab a green Startup Mile t-shirt, a matching stadium cup, a free poncho (Come on. It’s Boston. It will rain again at some point, and you’ll be all: “Darn it! Where’s that neon green rain gear when I need it?”) or get your mitts on your share of the unreasonable quantity of delicious trail mix we have left over. 

Thanks again for your support at every Sunday Community Run, the 9th Annual Tech Charity Wine & Tequila Party (where the guys did a treadmill relay), the Monday Fun Run, and Startup Mile. None of what we do would be possible without you!

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