SolSolution Scores Major Project on the West Coast

Today, one of TUGG's awesome portfolio nonprofits, SolSolutions, landed over $50M worth of solar energy projects in Los Angeles, California. This groundbreaking deal will bring solar power and millions of dollars in savings (in addition to other significant educational resources) to schools across Los Angeles. 

SolSolution, based right here in Somerville, Massachusetts, works to help schools operate more efficiently by providing energy solutions that make financial sense now, and in the long term. The significant cost savings of solar power allows educators and administrators to worry less about budget cuts, and focus more of their time on the valuable education that they are providing for their students. 

We'd like to congratulations to SolSolutions on this incredible milestone, and we invite you to get in touch with them too! Drop them a note on Twitter, like them on Facebook, and learn more about their amazing work at