In the Spotlight: Science from Scientists


Turn off Breaking Bad and check out some real-life science with:

WHAT THEY DO: Science from Scientists gets kids excited about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). SfS traveling staff scientists work alongside classroom teachers throughout the school year to serve as mentors and improve students’ attitudes and understanding of fundamental science. 

HOW THEY DO IT: Working with young people across 25 schools in Eastern Massachusetts, the mobile scientists of SfS work with students in the classroom on a weekly basis, complimenting the existing curriculum with fun hands-on lessons. By offering the program during the school day, Science from Scientists engages every student in the classroom, especially those that may not otherwise show interest in STEM, or be able to attend a similar after-school program. 

WHY WE LOVE THEM: Today’s growing companies face a monumental challenge: find talented STEM employees. Seems simple, right? Wrong. Check out this infographic:

If that bored student reminds you of your middle school science experience, you’re not alone. But, Science from Scientists' charismatic, lab-coat-wearing staff are changing things by actively engage kids in the lessons they’re learning. They're also busy statistically proving their success on the back end. Sfs measures their impact (as any good scientist would) using pre/post test evaluation scores and diligently tracking the MCAS scores of every student in the program. As a result, SfS is officially recognized as a top STEM organization with @Scale Endorsement from the MA Department of Higher Education & Governor’s STEM Advisory Council.

In Their Own Words

Erika Ebbel Angle, Ph.D - Founder and Executive Chairman

“Our vision is to inspire students and ignite interest in STEM disciplines with the goal of filling the workforce pipeline with talented, competitive individuals. We want to ensure that the United States stays globally competitive in STEM disciplines and we believe it starts in elementary and middle school with good role models, fun content and a challenging curriculum.”

Science from Scientists in 3 Words: Real Scientists, Hands-On, Metrics-Based

If SfS could compete in a reality show: "We would compete on Dancing with the Stars! In addition to being awesome super scientists, our scientists might just surprise you with our hidden talents!" 

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