In the Spotlight: Catie's Closet

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WHAT THEY DO: Catie's Closet provides low-income students with clothing, shoes, toiletries, and other necessities, so each child is better prepared to focus on school. 

HOW THEY DO IT: The philanthropic fashionistas & fashionmisters of Catie's Closet collect new and gently-used donation items at their central distribution center in Dracut, then set up (free) clothing boutiques in schools across Massachusetts. At each of the 22 established school stores, all students are free to "shop" for modern pieces ranging from denim and t-shirts, to dresses, shoes and winter jackets. 

WHY WE LOVE THEM: Students have enough to worry about. Between gym class, math tests, science fair projects, SAT prep, and loads of homework (in addition to family stuff going on at home), a kid's wardrobe (or lack-there-of) should be the last thing he or she worries about. But thousands of students go to school every day silently stressing about their clothes--whether they're out of style, ill fitting, damaged hand-me-downs, or not warm enough--and there's little they can do about it. Catie's Closet gives a little bit of power back to students, and takes the shame, embarrassment, and stress out of getting dressed for school in the morning. Catie's Closet does more than just supplement the necessities for low-income families; this nonprofit empowers students to choose the items they need AND want, express their style, and stride confidently down the halls ready to conquer that pop quiz. 

In Their Own Words

Photo by Patrick Whittemore, as featured in  The Boston Herald

Photo by Patrick Whittemore, as featured in The Boston Herald

MICKEY COCKRELL, Executive Director

"It's important for every child to feel valued, and to feel like they fit into their environment, in order to succeed and realize their dreams. At Catie's Closet, we set up free stores in schools to discreetly distribute up-to-date clothing to children living in poverty. We help kids with no means feel like a million bucks. Providing students with immediate access to much-needed resources ultimately improves school attendance and fosters a better environment for learning."

Catie's Closet in 3 Words: Necessary, Effective, and Life-Changing

If Catie's Closet were a fashion statement piece: "We'd be the 'Little Black Dress.' The classic LBD is transformative, versatile, popular (yet timeless), and inspires glowing confidence."

Say hello to Mickey and the rest of the team at, and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter. Need an excuse to clean out your closets? Make someone's semester and drop off your gently-used items at Catie's Closet Donation Center