In The Spotlight: Career Village

Put all your work experience to good use.

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WHAT THEY DO: CareerVillage is an online platform where students ask career question and they receive answers and advice from real professionals who are excited to share their knowledge.

HOW THEY DO IT: It all starts in the classroom. Teachers integrate the online platform seamlessly into their curriculum, and open the floor for students to start asking questions. But it doesn't stop there. Students can continue the conversation anywhere, anytime. Inquiries are sent directly to professionals with relevant experience and all the advice is indexed and searchable-- so students get answers to their own questions AND learn from their peers. 

WHY WE LOVE THEM: Research shows that students who are empowered with career information make better, more-informed decisions when it comes to their future, especially during high school and college. CareerVillage takes the standard six-hour "career day" that some kids get in school once or twice (if they're lucky) and transforms it into a continuous, high-impact experience that gives students personalized advice, valuable guidance, and constant access to practical information.


In Their Own Words

JARED CHUNG, Chief Village Elder

“America's schools are doing a great job of pushing kids into college, but nobody seems to be talking to students about why they're going to college and what they plan to do when they finish. We crowdsource career advice for low-income high school students. I know that there are millions of working professionals looking for a meaningful way to volunteer online, and I believe we've found the perfect opportunity for them to do something fun and meaningful online. Share your advice with our students!”

CareerVillage in 3 Words: 

Uplifting, Empowering, and Easy

If CareerVillage were a snack food:  "We'd be homemade trail mix -- super easy to snack on, customized just the way you like it, and makes you feel great about yourself!"

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