Sweet Dreams are Made of This: A Bed For Every Child

Sarah Garabadian, Program Director of Boston's A Bed for Every Child, looked like she needed someone to pinch her when TUGG announced the org's big win at the 9th Annual Tech Charity Wine & Tequila Party on April 16th, but Sarah definitely wasn't dreaming. A Bed for Every Child took home a check for $50K after winning the majority vote for the crowd's favorite new TUGG nonprofit.

The organization has already provided over 2,200 new beds to needy children across Massachusetts, and that number is climbing. For every $250 raised, a child receives a complete new bed: a new twin mattress, box spring, bed frame, pillow, linens, and a quilt/comforter.  

They're also excited to announce they are writing a book! A local Boston writer has teamed up with A Bed for Every Child to complete the project; the book is being added to their website chapter by chapter, with 8 MA schools collaborating and creating the illustrations. They plan to print out hard copies and distribute them at schools across the state in an effort to positively connect with kids about the issue of poverty. Read the first chapter(s). 

Congratulations to the whole team at A Bed for Every Child, and welcome to the TUGG family!