4 years worth of volunteering in 3 days. Tech Gives Back 2018 was a success. Thank you Boston Tech.

Tech Gives Back 2018 is done and was the first event I’ve had the privilege of hosting at TUGG. It could not have been a more meaningful week for myself or for the nonprofits we came together to help. A huge thank you to Silicon Valley Bank, a founding partner of Tech Gives Back, and the glue that brought last week together.

Last week, approximately 2,000 tech workers from 75 companies came together to volunteer at over 45 nonprofits in/around Boston, totaling over 6,000 hours of total community service. ——————————————————————————————————————That’s 4 and a half years of volunteering, accomplished over 3 days.

Go ahead and take a bow, Boston. You’re awesome.——————————————————————————————————————--

Tech Gives Back, Day 1: Guppy Tanks

(thanks to the Boston Foundation, BPS, and Salsify)

  • 20 Boston tech companies opened their doors to over 400 6th grade students to engage them in a day dedicated to STEM learning and engagement.

  • The students brainstormed and “built” apps focused on healthy living, with assistance from their their tech company group leaders.

  • The students were all given rewards for their work and ended their days with a pizza party, certificates of completion, and company swag.

  • Guppy Tank was featured, front page of the Biz section of the Boston Globe on October 19th.

A big thanks to Building Impact, who oversaw logistics for this day. Guppy Tank Programs had a lot of moving parts and they were up to the task.

Tech Gives Back, Days 2 & 3: Volunteer Projects

In addition to that, this year Silicon Valley Bank extended Tech Gives Back to 5 other cities in the US as well as service events in Canada and England. Tech Gives Back, which began in Boston 8 years ago, has now extended across the US and even the world - bringing total # of volunteers this year to over 3,000. Thank you again for your vision and commitment to social good, Silicon Valley Bank.

Tech Gives Back Afterparty - The BUILD Entrepreneur Games

  • 90% of Tech Gives Back participating companies were represented at this year’s eGames

  • Over 1,000 people attended to compete in over 50 games with colleagues, friends, and peers.

  • The TUGG Tech Gives Back Party Tent was ROCKING all night with buckets full of beer and wine, a ball pit, and a mechanical bull.

Thank you to BUILD Boston for throwing such a great event and hosting the afterparty

Tech Gives Back 2018, our largest and most impactful event yet, is done. Thank you to all of the companies that participated and all of the nonprofits that opened their doors. Most of all - a giant thank you to all of our sponsors. Without your support, TUGG would not be able to host programming like Tech Gives Back.

I want to say that again. Without the commitment to community and support of amazing sponsor tech companies that prioritize giving back within their culture to make a better Boston, none of this would be possible.

As always, anyone can reach me at mike@tugg.org if you want to chat.


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