#TechGivesBack2017 Recap


TUGG’s Tech Gives Back day of service is made possible through the generosity of Silicon Valley Bank. The TGB Guppy Tank Pilot in partnership with Boston Public Schools was made possible thanks to The Boston Foundation and Salsify. TGB volunteer sites and Guppy Tank are powered by Building Impact.

You Got In to Give Back

Our 7th annual Tech Gives Back day of service on October 19 was one for the record books! This year we co-designed projects that required a new level of commitment of resources and skills from the tech community, from Guppy Tank, to the Hour of Code, to the Dream Journals created for youth in foster care - this was our most diverse group of meaningful projects yet.

Our team had the opportunity to visit several volunteer sites throughout the day to show our support and appreciation for the volunteers. Spirits were high and impact was huge! View photos from the day on Twitter and Facebook.


TUGG and Silicon Valley Bank made a concerted effort this year to expand the variety of volunteer projects to include issues core to the tech community, including STEM and inclusivity initiatives. We believe that offering a wide array of meaningful projects for tech professionals is a key contributor to Tech Gives Back’s substantial growth and look forward to continuing to evolve our model for this day.

Each of the projects tackled by the volunteers at Tech Gives Back had a specific objective and a larger connection to the mission of the organization. Whether it was the Fresh Pond Reservation’s Clean Drinking Water campaign, the Greater Boston Food Bank’s work in distributing fresh produce to over 140,000 adults and children in need, or Thompson Island’s program to provide over 6,500 young people in Boston the opportunity to have a hands-on outdoor STEM experience, each site that hosted volunteers credited Tech Gives Back with making their outreach possible.

Community Building

This is a day about building community across lines in our City. There is community built within teams – as one volunteer reflected when at a site working with homeless youth in Boston: “I learned so much about my colleagues today. Being onsite at this shelter has brought out a whole new dimension to the people I work with every day."

There's a lot of good in our town and our industry, and a lot of good done by Boston tech. We're glad to have a day where we can collectively give back and show just how much we can accomplish together to improve our communities.

TGB Guppy Tank Pilot Program

The most prominent example of TUGG’s new and innovative programming this year was our TGB Guppy Tank Pilot. Guppy Tank was put on in partnership with The Boston Foundation and Boston Public Schools and brought groups of sixth graders to leading tech companies for an experiential “Shark Tank”-like learning activity. The program was originally ideated, developed, and tested by Salsify to create a unique STEM learning experience for students interested in entrepreneurism and also to build meaningful employee engagement. TUGG was excited to scale Guppy Tank with the help of Building Impact to 10 new companies as a part of Tech Gives Back 2017. In addition to Salsify, Buildium, Hubspot, InsightSquared, Mendix, Rapid7, Threat Stack, Toast, Wayfair and WeWork also hosted their own Guppy Tanks.

The positive response to TGB Guppy Tank was overwhelming on both sides. In the words of one teacher: “the experience was unbelievable, not only for the students but also the entire staff. Our students shined and are so proud of themselves, as we are too.” Another teacher wrote: “The companies that our students visited had a great impact on them. Their reflections on the trip were of appreciation and inspiration. Thank you for the exposure and immersion that Guppy Tank allowed our students. Many said that they would never forget it!”

We believe the volunteers won’t forget this day either and multiple companies have stated that this day was just as impactful for their employees as it was on the students. Thank you to all of the tech volunteers for making this day possible - with community building as a focus and for inspiring so many young minds.

Thank You

It truly takes a village to organize this day. Thank you, Silicon Valley Bank, for making our 7th annual Tech Gives Back day of service possible! Thank you to The Boston Foundation and Salsify for bringing Guppy Tank to TUGG and helping it come to life at scale. To all of our sponsoring companies for leading by example. And Building Impact for powering the day!

Your Next Volunteer Opportunity

Are your ready to get in to give back this holiday season? Join us on December 19 for TUGG for the Holidays in support of the Salvation Army's Christmas Castle. Register here.