Introducing the 2017 Team TUGG Boston Marathon Runners

Our Runners Are Putting Their Heart and Soles Into Raising Awareness This Year

Nothing ushers in the official start of spring for us Bostonians more than watching Boston Marathon runners cross the finish line down on Boylston street. And while the Marathon has its fair share of elite runners who descend upon the city from all over the world, there’s also a large portion of locals who are running to help raise money for charities of all kinds - some of TUGG’s nonprofits happen to be among them.

After the Marathon Bombings of 2013, TUGG sprang to action and raised $325,000 to help cover the victims’ medical expenses. As a sign of thanks, John Hancock offered four bibs to TUGG to form a team of runners through their charity bib program.

This year our team of Founders and CEOs includes Fred Shilmover of InsightSquared, Ramses Alcaide of Neurable Inc., Sonciary Honnoll of PromoBoxx, and Peter Smith of Edgewise Networks each of which are raising awareness for a portfolio nonprofit of their choosing. Each runner has been training on weekly runs that are open to the tech community and are a great way to get to know other like minded techie-runners.

To help the community to get to know Team TUGG, we've asked each runner to shed light on why they’re running and how they’re feeling about the big day. You can also ask them yourself at TUGG's #TechRunsBoston Spring Lawn Party on March 2nd.


Q: What’s your biggest fear about Marathon Day? What’s the thing you’re most looking forward to about it?

Fred Shilmover (FS): Getting hooked. This is my third year running. I thought it would be a once in a lifetime event the first year, but here I am. Most looking forward to seeing my family along the way and at the end. I've learned that running is as much mental as physical and their support brings me energy.

Peter Smith (PS): I don’t really have a fear, just looking forward to having fun and supporting Future Chefs!

Ramses Alcaide (RA): I enjoy finding activities that are otherwise considered “impossible” and for that reason, I do not fear the Marathon.  Most looking forward to eating Brazilian BBQ after the race.

Sonciary Honnoll (SH): To many of us, Boston is about more than having fun for a good cause. It's proof that we can push ourselves. It's a testament to the amazing work Youth Cities and other non-profits do every day. It's honoring the runners that have gone before. It's a thank you Promoboxx and my friends and family for their support. It's validation that if individually we're strong, then together we're capable of anything. I don't want to forget that. My fear is that I'll squander this incredible opportunity.

In terms of what I’m looking forward to, I've read about the excitement leading up to race day -- the Expo and Athletes' Village, but I'm most excited to pick up my bib and to see friends, family, and teammates at the start and finish lines.

Q: Why are you running for the organization you chose?

FS: I believe strongly in equal opportunity and leveling the playing field. I was shocked to hear that before Y2Y created its shelter for young adults, less than a dozen beds were available to this population in Boston's shelters. I wanted to bring along the support of my entire company to the non-profit that I chose to run with this year. We employ a lot of young people at InsightSquared and I think Y2Y provides us with a great way to engage with an interesting, innovative nonprofit, and shows us that without the luck and opportunity we've had along the way, any one of us could be in a situation where we need the kind of support and assistance that Y2Y offers.

PS: I’m running for Future Chefs because it’s a brilliant approach to engage students through the culinary arts to teach practical life skills in preparation for higher education and a fulfilling career.

RA: At Neurable we love science and diversity. Science Club for Girls epitomizes diversity and science, two ingredients necessary when innovating.

SH: I'm proud to be supporting Youth Cities, a nonprofit that empowers youth to drive change in their communities by applying entrepreneurial principles and skills. Since my fellow co-founders and I dedicated the last decade of our lives to supporting entrepreneurs, it only makes sense to run for the word's up and coming problem solvers on behalf of Promoboxx!

Q: What’s your biggest piece of advice for others looking to start training for a marathon?

FS: It’s only intimidating before you start.  Once you begin training and find your groove, all things feel possible. No one has ever accused me of being a great athlete. If I can do it, most people can.

PS: Participate in other races, say half-marathons, before the big day… you’re on an emotional high the day of a race and it’s helpful to know how your mind/body responds.

RA: Just like anything in life, to succeed you need to work hard and be consistent, especially when confronted with feelings of self-doubt.

SH: Start now. Run today. You don't need fancy gear. Get out there! The rest will fall into place.

On March 2nd join us at WeWork South Station for an indoor #TechRunsBoston Spring Lawn Party as we celebrate our incredible runners and the innovative nonprofits they are supporting with their bib proceeds.

Wicked Wine will offer a tasting of some of their most exciting spring wines. While this is an indoor event, we'll have some fun lawn games including lawn darts and corn hole! Light bites and beer on tap PLUS a custom photo booth from Sharingbox! This event is 21+ and tickets are non-refundable.

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