TGB 2016: Why Rapid7 Is Shutting Down Its Offices for Tech Gives Back

Q&A with Rapid7’s Chief People Officer, Christina Luconi

TUGG relies on the support of our annual partners to keep the lights on. We are always amazed when these companies go above and beyond to run their company in the TUGG spirit by making giving back a part of their culture. One such company is Rapid7. Rapid7 is fairly new to TUGG’s community and yet their support of our mission and Tech Gives Back has been one of the most fervent of any of our supporters.

Rapid7’s Chief People Officer and culture architect, Christina Luconi, spearheaded the company’s decision to shut down their offices for the entire day on October 20th to participate in Tech Gives Back. Below Christina talks to us about developing culture, working with TUGG, and how to shut down your offices globally for a day of giving.

Below Christina talks to us about developing culture, working with TUGG, and how to shut down your offices globally for a day of giving.

Q: What’s something about the Rapid7 workplace that might surprise our community?
A: We are a pretty special company to work for. While culture and people efforts are just now picking up momentum with press -- and are rightfully getting increased attention from businesses -- it’s been written into our DNA since the beginning. We have scaled quickly, gone public, and grown a vibrant business without losing our soul – all because we understand that our people are at the center of making it all work.

Q: How do you work on something like “culture” at a large, public company? What advice would you give to start-ups that are rapidly developing their teams and culture?
A: We’ve worked very hard to keep our five core values the center of our culture, regardless of our private or public status. Our core values – created by our people, for our people – are woven into every element of our employee lifecycle. They guide our behavior and help shape our decision making. As a result, they serve as the thread that ties all of us together. Of course, every office and team have their own unique vibe, but we all share the same core belief system. I’d suggest any small company spend some time early on figuring out exactly “why” they exist, and articulate the behaviors that will help the company to be successful. Then it’s about ensuring every action and behavior maps back to those beliefs.

Q: Rapid7 volunteered with Tech Gives Back for the first time last year with a small team. What made you decide to shut the entire company down globally for TGB this year?
A: We’ve been a partner of TUGG for years, but last year we decided to commit in a much bigger way – both in terms of time and dollars. Those of us who participated in Tech Gives Back last year loved the element of giving back to our community, but actually found working together with co-workers you don’t necessarily get to partner with on a daily basis was a huge bonus. As a result, we decided to partner with TUGG on local projects, and simultaneously have all our other offices across the globe lead their own community service project.

It’s a pretty exciting prospect to see so many people galvanized to support their communities, and spend some time connecting personally as well.

Q: Logistically, how do you shut down a company of 900 people with 3 offices across the globe on a Thursday in October?
A: It does take some planning. In our case, we’ve been planning all year. We’ve had to get creative with some of our teams who need to be “on call” for customers, etc. but we’re a committed bunch. I have no doubt our folks will be ready to be able to step away for a few hours.

Q: What advice would you give companies who are considering shutting down their offices and taking the #Rapid7Challenge but are nervous about how it will affect their business?
A: Involve a broad group of people in the planning. Ensure you are thinking through the needs and restrictions of everyone, and offer a variety of options to accommodate. If people are excited, motivated and committed, they likely won’t miss a beat!

TUGG annual partner Rapid7 has committed to closing its offices globally on October 20 for Tech Gives Back and will commit its entire employee base to a day of service alongside TUGG. Will you commit to getting your team out in full force? Take the #Rapid7Challenge and tweet us @TUGGOrg!