#TechRunsBoston: Q&A with Davorin Gabrovec, Founder and CPO of Databox

Photo credit:  Gameface Media

Photo credit: Gameface Media

Davorin Gabrovec - Founder and CPO of Databox and one of four runners on
TUGG's 2016 Boston Marathon team.

The former martial arts champion, who is donating his bib proceeds to TUGG portfolio nonprofit A Bed for Every Child, sat down with us to share a little about who he is and why he's running Boston.

Here, Davorin reflects on the which tech CEO he most admires, his personal mantra, and why he chose to run for A Bed for Every Child.

What's the best part of being a founder?
Getting to build things people need and care about.

What's the worst part?
The constant feeling that we are not moving fast enough.

Which tech CEO or company do you most admire?
It's cliche, but I admire Steve Jobs. His eye for design and his unwillingness to compromise in the pursuit of perfection resonates with me.

What is your personal mantra?
I borrowed this one from Seth Godin - “Quit or be exceptional.”

What was your best running experience ever?
Finishing my first 10 mile run!

What's the longest distance you've ever run prior to training for Boston?
3 miles

Favorite running jam
Spotify's running playlist

Marathon training pet peeve
Too soon to tell. I'm still in the honeymoon phase.

What motivates you to finish your long distance training runs?
Simply finishing is my motivation. There’s nothing more satisfying than finishing something you set out to do.

What do you say to people who say they could never run a marathon?
Been there.

Do you train best in the morning, mid-day or evening?
Morning, however most of my runs end up happening later in the evening because of my work schedule.

I feel most like a badass mother runner when:
I have those moments when I feel like I can run forever, of course with each run there are also several moments when I feel the opposite!

How would you like to finish Boston?
I just want to make it happen! The important part for me is to finish and to accomplish this challenge, doing something good for a great cause.

Why are you running for A Bed for Every Child?
I believe in A Bed for Every Child not only because of their amazing mission but also because they have a concrete action plan for how they’re going to affect change. Every child deserves to have a bed to dream in at night!

How can people get involved?
A simple $250 donation will cover 1 bed with frame, mattress, linens and a pillow. You can also plan a linen, book, or toy-drive to complement the gift of a bed. Donate now.

To show your support for Davorin and the rest of TUGG's Boston Marathon team,
as well as the incredible nonprofits they are supporting, join us at our
Spring Beer Garden & Marathon Meet & Greet on March 24th!

Every child deserves a place to dream, and a better night's sleep means better performance in school and life. A Bed for Every Child provides brand new beds for low income and homeless kids.