#TUGG10: A Look Back at 2012 with ZappRX


Partnering with TUGG is a Natural Fit

2012 was a year of growth for TUGG. Both Tech Gives Back and the Wine Party grew in strength while the team from EverTrue held the first TUGG "microfederated" event with their Raise The Rim basketball tournament. Microfederated events are smaller TUGG events that focus on bringing tech companies together to rally for their favorite causes.

Also in 2012, prescription management system startup ZappRx came on the scene and looked for ways their team could get involved with TUGG. They quickly found TUGG was a good match for them.

ZappRx provides a secure, collaborative online platform that allows patients, physicians, and pharmacists to work together to improve patients’ access to treatment and deliver medicine faster.

"From the very beginning, ZappRx has always been a mission-driven company. It's our goal to improve the specialty drug prescribing for everyone involved - patients, pharmacists, providers, and pharmaceutical companies. Improving the health and well-being of Boston's most underserved youth is part of this mission. For that reason, partnering with TUGG has been a natural fit for us. We're proud to connect with local-nonprofits, and encourage other tech entrepreneurs to use their funding to give back to our communities in the same way." - Zoë Barry, Founder and CEO, ZappRx

Join ZappRx as a sponsor of TUGG's 10th Annual Wine & Tequila Party!
Email Zoe Anetakis (zoe@accomplice.co) for more info.