What Does TUGG Do Exactly?

Since joining TUGG as Executive Director in 2015 I have met many of you and you have had the same question…

What does TUGG do exactly?

TUGG (Technology Underwriting Greater Good)  funds the most experimental nonprofit programming focused on local under-resourced youth. We find the most innovative nonprofits tackling big, hard problems in their communities and we write the first check to make their programming a reality. 

Do we serve our community in other ways? Of course. TUGG is ultimately the nonprofit arm of Boston’s tech community and we do, as our mission states, connect and engage technologists, entrepreneurs, and innovators across New England to give back to the community.

Make no mistake, TUGG’s contribution to the local nonprofit landscape is crucial.

We are one of two local funders that are willing to write “the first check”, and the only funder that focuses exclusively on experimental youth programming.

If we want to make big progress in the issues facing our local under-resourced youth, we have to come at the challenges with new solutions and new models. TUGG makes this possible. 

How do you fit in?

Someone, at some point gave you a shot to prove yourself. Start-ups represent the ultimate meritocracy, and through your smarts and hard work you found success.

Being a member of the TUGG community means paying that forward. Your donations fund the grants that we write to nonprofits so that the entrepreneurs in the TUGG portfolio can have that shot of making their programming a reality. 

We raise every penny, every year, and rely on the support of the New England tech community to make our work possible. 

A Call to Action

 This Giving Tuesday, we ask that you consider a donation to TUGG to help us further our mission and fund our grant-writing. Or even better, donate now

Thank you for your consideration, your engagement, and your support.

- Zoe Anetakis
Executive Director, TUGG