Pledge 1% Boston - The Start of a Movement

Accomplice Pledges 1% of Carry to Two TUGG Portfolio Nonprofits

Last Wednesday was a special day in Boston tech and philanthropy. We celebrated the launch of Pledge 1% Boston, a joint initiative powered by the Boston Foundation and TUGG (Technology Underwriting Greater Good).

Pledge 1% Boston is the regional initiative of the global Pledge 1% movement, which catalyzes startups and other innovation economy players to make supporting their communities integral to what they do. By pledging a small portion of their future success today, companies can have an enormous impact.

Pledge 1% Boston encourages and challenges founders and CEOs to pledge 1% of equity ( either personal or company equity), product, and employee time for their communities, and help put that intent into action.

The packed launch event brought together leaders in Boston's innovation and social sectors including Accomplice, GreenLight Fund, MassChallenge, and others. 

Photo: TBF

Photo: TBF

10 companies have taken the pledge in Boston so far including: Accomplice, CoachUp, Cuseum, Freebird, FundLatinosGravyty, Nanogenecs, Ovuline, and Pepper Lane. We believe this is just the start and as more companies catch wind of this, the list of 10 will soon grow to 20+.

TUGG's founder, Jeff Fagan, brought goosebumps to attendees as he spoke about joining the movement of Pledge 1% "This is a movement and that's why I ask you not to join me, but to join we and make Pledge 1% a part of the fabric of our community."

TUGG's Zoe Anetakis & Tim Smith from TBF Photo: TBF

TUGG's Zoe Anetakis & Tim Smith from TBF
Photo: TBF

Hands down, the most exciting moment of the night came from Jeff who announced that Accomplice is pledging 1% of its carry (unheard of in the VC world) and splitting that 1% between two TUGG nonprofits, InnerCity Weightlifting and Resilient Coders. While 1% may not sound like a lot, 1% of a several million dollar fund is huge deal and will make an extraordinary impact on these two organizations.

Our hope is that others will follow suit and join the movement as Pledge 1% snowballs into something bigger and better than we could ever imagine.

Below you can read a sample of Accomplice's Pledge 1% announcement.

Repost from Accomplice:

"We at Accomplice pledge to give 1% of our carry to TUGG nonprofits InnerCity Weightlifting and Resilient Coders. They’re two Boston-based organizations fighting to bring social and economic equality to under-resourced youth, and they’ve done amazing work.

The Pledge 1% campaign asks startup employees to commit to giving 1% of their equity, time, or product to nonprofits in their community. It’s a pledge to pay it forward if you become successful.

VC firms don’t have equity the same way that startups do, so we give our employees carried interest (or “carry”) in our funds. Carry is complicated, but think of it as our share of the profits we generate from our company-building and investing efforts.

We’re splitting our 1% pledge between InnerCity Weightlifting (ICW) and Resilient Coders, two nonprofits that started with TUGG and have grown to become part of the Boston tech community and our culture at Accomplice. TUGG supports nonprofits at the earliest stages through crowdsourced grants. These nonprofits are often the riskiest — and boldest — out there. And just like tech startups, they need someone to believe in them when they’re just a big idea and a tiny group of motivated people..." Continue reading.