CEOs Face Frigid Temps to Prep for 2015 Boston Marathon

On Sunday, January 11, a group of Boston's top tech CEOs rolled out of bed at an unreasonably early hour, laced up their sneakers in 18° F (-7° Cweather, and hit the pavement. They're doing it all again next Sunday, too. And the week after that. But early mornings and biting winds aren't about to intimidate these brave innovators: this is Team TUGG we're talking about. 

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We're pumped to finally announce that TUGG has been selected by the John Hancock® Non Profit Program as one of the lucky organizations to receive four coveted charity bibs for the 119th Boston Marathon, and here's our team of absolute all-stars:

(Left to right) Michael Schmidt, Founder & CEO of  Nutonian , Brent Grinna, Founder & CEO of  EverTrue , Matthew Bellows, Founder & CEO of  YesWare , and Fred Shilmover, Founder & CEO of  InsightSquared . 

(Left to right) Michael Schmidt, Founder & CEO of Nutonian, Brent Grinna, Founder & CEO of EverTrue, Matthew Bellows, Founder & CEO of YesWare, and Fred Shilmover, Founder & CEO of InsightSquared

With the expert guidance of their coach, award winning trainer & author Erik Hajer, Mike, Brent, Matt, and Fred will train hard to cross that famous Boylston Street finish line on one of the most iconic marathon courses in the country. The next few months leading up to race day (April 20, 2015) aren't going to be a cake walk: 15 weeks of intense training will bring serious physical challenges, sore muscles, and many cold mornings for the CEOs. But, triumph and celebration are in store for Team TUGG, too. 

These guys not only have the home field advantage; they've also got the biggest cheering section in Boston (hint: that's you!) 

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Even if it just means driving slowly beside the runners and loudly encouraging them using a magaphone, candy, music, etc.

We are so proud and grateful to have Mike, Brent, Matt, and Fred representing Boston's tech ecosystem on the Boston Marathon course (26 miles, 385 yards). Each step they take raises awareness & funds to keep us all connected, keep our portfolio nonprofits going strong, strengthen our positive social impact on young people in our community.

HUGE thanks to our fantastic team and our community supporters near and far. Stay tuned for more Team TUGG updates! 

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