TUGGing At The Heart: "Honestly & truly, you're a good inspiration"

TUGG was founded in 2009 to show the world that the tech community does, contrary to urban legend, love to give back. On October 10th, 2013 the Boston tech community came out in full force for our Third Annual Tech Gives Back Day of Service. Not only did 53 amazing sponsors step up, over 1,000 techies rolled up their sleeves and dug into projects at 27 locations throughout Boston.  By the end of the day, over 5,000 hours of volunteer work left Beantown nonprofits a little better off and $75,000 was allocated to give six amazing new nonprofits the chance to grow (see a full recap of the day here).

THE (UNEXPECTED) GIFT: While the day of service left everyone feeling great, the gift we received last week reiterated just how valuable your contributions are.  When we came back to the offices after the holidays we found a fat manila envelope on our desks, full of thank you letters from the children at the Mason Pilot Elementary School in Roxbury. Page after page, their gratitude spilled out in colorful pictures and adorable heartwarming thanks.

“Before it looked like a mess, but now it looks like I’m in heaven. I appreciate your work. It looks like my first day of school, all bright and shiny and new.”


“When I get outside and see the mulch it makes me feel happy. And it makes me feel like we have the best school in Boston. We should have a jubilee for the volunteers and the school.”


“Thank you for painting our school. To me it looks like Heinz Field where the Chicago Bears play which is a dream come true.”


“Also, with putting new mulch around trees, our school never look so bright. Plus the volunteer work was straight from the heart. I really appreciate, what you did. At first I thought this school was ordinary. Last it touches my heart that you care. Now I think this school is very unique.”


This is truly a testament to the great work this community does and exactly how much good the ecosystem can create when we come together.  Click through and enjoy all the letters below: 

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Couldn’t make it this time? Join us on March 13 for our 8th Annual Wine & Tequila Party when the crowd will decide how to allocate a large pool of cash among six TUGG-certified non-profitsSee you there!