The Mission

TUGG is dedicated to catalyzing and spreading social entrepreneurship in New England. By harnessing the power of the region’s technology ecosystem to source, screen and fund social innovation, TUGG helps young people to realize their full potential through entrepreneurship, education and life experiences. TUGG empowers both the individual and the community to identify important issues and collaborate to solve them.



2006 A group of leading technologists, including future TUGG founders, come together for the first ever Tech Charity Wine Party in support of Year Up.

TUGG is officially founded as a 501C3 in December 2009 by Jeff Fagnan, Hemant Taneja, and Dana Samuels with two key objectives: (1) bring together Boston's best entrepreneurs, VCs, and technologist as a community, and (2) leverage this group to source, identify, and fund Boston's best social entrepreneurial ventures. 

2010 TUGG hosts its first official Tech Charity Wine Party to raise money for three amazing new groups identified by the community.  The event raises just north of $70k, setting up TUGG as a resource for tech philanthropic activity in New England.  This event is also the genesis for Open Source Philanthropy, the core concept to TUGG's giving model.

2011 TUGG hosts its second Tech Charity Wine Party and launches Tech Gives Back, a day of service across the community followed by a community party.  The event launches with 400 tech leaders.

2012 Both Tech Gives Back and the Wine Party grow in strength while the team from EverTrue holds the first TUGG "microfederated" event with their Raise The Rim basketball tournament. In May, TUGG hires David Brown as its first full time employee and new Executive Director. 

2013 The Wine Party and Tech Gives Back both surpass 1000 participants for the first time.  TUGG's microfederated events program starts in earnest, with over 10 awesome events and six breakfasts hosted by the community.  TUGG also mobilizes a response effort to the Boston Marathon bombing, raising over $325,000 for blast victims in just a few weeks.

Hear our leadership talk about what where TUGG started from and what we are working towards. 

"We fund the riskiest startups and help them become market success for social innovation."