Get In the Game: The FAQs

What are the Entrepreneur Games?

The start-up event of the year! Join 700+ entrepreneurs, investors, and supporters in a competition that combines team-building, excitement, and fun to support Boston's youth! 100+ Companies, 25+ Games, 10 Teams, and a fundraise goal of $100k+

Who participates?

The Boston Innovation Ecosystem! Expect to see folks from Boston's start-ups, investors, incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces, law firms, banks, and more. 2014 had over 650 participants from more than 100 companies. 

Who do the Games benefit?

100% of proceeds go to BUILD Boston. BUILD's mission is to use entrepreneurship to excite and propel disengaged, low-income students through high school to college success. BUILD's four-year experiential learning program helps students develop their own business ideas, write business plans, pitch to funders, and launch real businesses. 99% of BUILD's students are accepted to college. Learn more about BUILD here. 

Do I have to be athletic to participate?

No! The Games offer a variety of physical, entertaining, and mental challenges. There are over 25 events at the Entrepreneur Games: everything from ping-pong and a 1 mile foot race, to brainteasers and computer programming challenges. Whether you're a die-hard Crossfitter or a video game fanatic, there's something for everyone at the Games. 

What types of events are at the Games? Can I choose what I want to do?

You can compete in as many or as few events as you like. There are 3 types of events at the Games:

  • Team single-elimination challenges: These are 6-10 person single elimination tournaments such as volleyball, basketball, and corn hole. When you arrive on the day of the Games, there will be signup sheets at the registration tables where you can pick the country you'd like to play for. If your team wins the game, you must stay to play the next game, and every additional game until your team is eliminated. 
  • Small group challenges: These are 3-5 person games such as a relay race. Grab several of your teammates (playing for the same country) and stop by these stations anytime during the night. You can try the challenge once, or several times. Multiple different groups in the same country may participate in these challenges. 
  • Individual events: Think hula-hoop, limbo, burpees, and more. Most the events at the Games are individual events. You can stop by these stations any time over the course of the event and give it your best shot. 

What are some of the events offered at the Games?

We have over 25 events planned, a select few at the 2015 Games will be the 1 mile run, 200 meter dash, 60 yard dash, corn hole, crossfit station, computer programming challenge, Dance Dance Revolution, hula hoop, jump rope, long jump, ping pong, pitching, relay races (potato sacks), TUGG of war, volleyball, etc. 

How does sign up work?

Ten “countries” will be competing against each other in the Games. Each country is made up of 50 players. When you register, you can sign up a team of anywhere from 5-50 players. If your team has anything less than 50 players, we’ll match you with other teams to get you to a total of 50 players. You may not sign up as an individual so get together your friends, colleagues and customers.

Why join in?

Support youth entrepreneurship for Boston’s inner city high school students!
It’s fun!

Team building!
And if that’s not enough…when else are you going to get a chance to watch your boss hop around on an inflatable pony?!

Are there prizes?

Of course! We award one winner for every event and 1 overall country winner. The country winner is the country that had the most number of 1st place wins across all the events. Prizes include shiny trophies, alcohol, movie passes, bragging rights and more!

Is there a time commitment for players?

We require all players to check-in during the registration window, which closes at 5pm. Late arrivals will not be allowed to play. The games themselves are open for 2 ½ hours and you are free to compete in as many events as you’d like during that time at your leisure. Single elimination tournaments, however, such as volleyball, are played at specific times. To the extent you win all your single elimination games, you will need to stay for the entire event. We encourage all players to stay for the entire event as we award prizes to the top players at the end! 

What is the schedule?

4:15 – 4:45: Registration / stretching

4:45 – 5:05: Opening ceremony

5:15 – 8:00: Games / food / entertainment

8:00 – 8:30: Awards ceremony

Why should I be a sponsor?

The games are a great opportunity to market to Boston’s best and brightest. Whether product recognition or a competitive but fun team-building outing is your goal, the Entrepreneur Games promises to be an evening to remember. 

With employees from over 100 companies participating and dozens of decision makers, the Games are a rare opportunity to market to the most innovative crowd in Boston.

Past sponsors have included law firms, real estate brokers, gyms, venture capitalists, food and beverage companies, and many more. Bring your customers, potential clients, colleagues and friends and sponsor a team today!