$353,000 Raised. 2100 Donors. 50 States.  5 Continents. $0 to Overhead.

You all did an AMAZING job supporting the Boston Marathon Victims


We are amazed and proud to be a part of Boston’s technology community. The outpouring of your love, empathy and support for the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing has been swift and generous. You responded quickly to our goal of raising $50,000 in two weeks, accomplishing this in just 12 hours and raising nearly six times that amount in a week and a half.

It is emblematic of why we started TUGG: to work with the technology community to identify and mobilize quickly around issues that matter to us and to create real impact through our response.

This fund is just a small step in a long process to help the victims recover; it’s an impressive showing of which we should all be proud.

We will now turn our attention to acting as stewards of these funds. At this time, we have officially “turned off the meter” and have identified specific beneficiaries for the money you have raised. More information is provided below and if you would still like to donate we suggest doing so directly to any of these organizations. We will continue to update this page with other community events aimed at supporting the victims from the Boston Marathon Bombing.  Thank you all. This past week proves that not only are we #bostonstrong, but we are also #techstrong.

Where your Money Went

Consistent with the communities’ objectives, all funds have been earmarked for programs that directly impact the victims and their families and where we could get the monies to the victims with no costs.  So far we have earmarked and delivered over $353,000 to victims and groups working with victims.  We are also working with these organizations to provide timely delivery of funds and will update this as funds are officially disbursed.

$100,000 to One Fund Boston: We supported One Fund Boston because it will provide the most immediate and regulated support for victims of the Boston Bombing.  They have a $0 cost structure, have an experienced arbitrator overseeing the distribution process, and will disburse all funds by July 4th, 2013.  They have over $28M raised to date all of which will go directly to those victims hospitalized in the bombings in addition to Thursday night’s shootings.

$62,667 to Who Says I Can’t Foundation: We supported the Who Says I Can’t Foundation because it is designed to work with individuals to address and move past both the psychological and physical impacts of their life altering injuries.  Their founder, an amputee himself, comes from the start up world and has committed to working with a number of the victims to help them get back into sports, hopefully even back to running the marathon.  All monies are going into a restricted fund specifically for Marathon victims.

$62,667 to Semper Fi Fund (managed through America’s Fund): We have selected the Semper Fi Fund because they are working with the marathon victims to address the long-term physical and psychological impact of the bombings.  The Semper Fi Fund has allocated over $74M in the past 10 years to war victims to address these same types of challenges and have established a strong program for this sort of relief.  Charity Navigator has given this organization a four star rating, it’s highest rating for a non-profit organization.

$52,667 to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterWe selected Beth Israel because, in addition to be one of the most important trauma centers for victims, they also were a leader in offering long term psychiatric help to victims, their families, and the general community.  The donation to Beth Israel specifically funded an additional six months of open clinic hours for community members to deal with the impacts of events; an important part of the recovery process for the victims and for Boston.

$25,000 for Bucks for Bauman: Jeff Bauman Jr, 27,  is a double amputee as a result of the Boston Marathon Bombing.  Jeff has numerous points of contact with Boston’s tech community and also helped identify the bombing suspects.  By all accounts he is an incredibly generous and caring individual, with this story being particularly telling.  We wish him all the best for his recovery.  Note: while his fundraising page does have a 5% fee for sending donations, we are sending him a check directly so no fees will be paid.

$25,000 for Help for Patrick and Jess: Patrick and Jess, a newlywed couple who both have strong ties to Boston, were badly injured in the bombing attacks, both suffering amputations on their left legs.  Well loved and respected by their communities they both ran the Marathon in 2005 and are active athletes.  We wish them both speedy recoveries and hope that this help will allow them to both one day return to the marathon again as athletes.  Note: while their fundraising page does have a 7% fee for sending donations, we are sending them a check directly so no fees will be paid.

$25,000 in Memory of Martin Richard: The story of Martin Richard, the youngest victim of the marathon at just 8 years old, particularly hits home for TUGG as so many of our programs work youth his age.  Martin and his family have several ties to the Boston tech community and our hearts all go out for his families’ loss.  With both his mom and sister also impacted by the blast, a lot of support will be necessary as they begin their recovery.  If you want to provide additional funds for Martin’s memory, please send them via check to: The Richard Family Fund, Meetinghouse Bank, 2250 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester, MA 02124.

Other Events Hosted to Support Victims

We have been amazed by the technology communities’ desire to step up for the victims.  We will continue to update events as we know more, but keep your eyes out for the following:

Return to Boylston St (Currently Ongoing): A lot of businesses were impacted by the shutdown following the bombings.  Now that Boylston is back open, we encourage you to grab a few friends and head back to the site of the bombing to remember those lost and to help the businesses impacted get back up and running.  We had great success on Tuesday 4/30 with a tech #backtobackbay pubcrawl led by the good folks from HubSpot, PromoBoxx, and Flybridge Ventures plus Scott Kirsner from the Boston Globe.

Tech Community Blood Drive at Hack/Reduce (June 17th 2pm-7pm): While the Red Cross was able to secure sufficient short term blood donations, they will need more come June.  Jeremy Weiskotten (@doctorzaius) is leading the charge to host drives at both hack/reduce and Mass Challenge.

OpenView Partners Rooftop Benefit Event (June 19th 5:30pm-9pm):Open View Partners (@openviewventure) are putting together a roof top deck party for mid June to raise funds to provide ongoing support for Marathon victims. Current plans are for Mid June, possibly to coincide with the Tech Community Blood Drive.

Ways You Can Continue to Direct Funds

There are many ways to provide both short term and long term support for the marathon victims.  Below are a few suggestions.

Memorial Funds:

Richard Family Fund: The Richard Family Fund, Meetinghouse Bank, 2250 Dorchester Avenue Dorchester, MA 02124.
Lu Lingzi: https://www.bu.edu/alumni-forms/forms/lu-lingzi-fund/
Sean Collier: http://ow.ly/i/1Vws9
Krystle Campbell: Krystle M. Campbell Memorial Fund, 25 Park Street, Medford, MA 02155

Short-term Giving for Victims:

Strongest recommendation, due to fee structure and organization, is to give to One Fund Boston, although you can also give to individual’s pages at GoFundMe and GiveForward (carry 5%-7% fees).  There are also direct pages for Marc Fucarile and Richard Donohue.  Donations for the Marc, JP, and Paul Marathon Fund can be mailed to: TD Bank c/o Lisa Ruocco, 280 Montvale Ave. Woburn, MA 01801.

Supporting the Hospitals and Disaster Preparedness:

Hospitals involved with trauma care for the victims included Children’s Hospital, MGH, Beth Israel, Boston Medical,  and Bringham and Women’s Hospital.  If you decide to give to these hospitals, make sure to check whether funds goes directly to the bombing victims or to general hospital funds as it will vary from hospital to hospital.

Other Disaster Programs:

Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund and Boston First Responders Fund provide general funds that won’t necessarily help the victims of this Bombing but will work towards future disaster relief and support.

Long Term Care:

Prosthetic fitting and upkeep, physical therapy, followup surgeries, and mental health provisions will be very important moving forward for the victims and their families.  These can be very expensive and are most often not covered- partially or fully- by health care plans.  In addition to the Who Says I Can’t Foundation and Semper Fi Fund For Boston, we suggest you keep your eyes out for  programs from other local programs aimed at long term care.  We will add more as we know more.

A Special Thank You

Special thank yous go out to Phil Beauregard (Objective Logistics), Jeff Fagnan (Atlas Venture), Nate Drouin (and the entire Fundraise.com team), Dan Primack (Fortune.com), Chase Garbarino (Streetwise Media), Jeremy Weiskotten (Terrible Labs), and uncountable numbers of others who stepped up to help organize and direct this effort.  Thanks also go out to BostInno, Big Night Entertainment Group, Kinvey, CoachUp, and UberSense for helping host two amazing events to raise funds for the victims.  This was truly a community led effort and it was incredible to see the tech community take leadership of this response.  Below are the names of just some of the companies – based on email addresses – where support came from:

36hz, 406ventures, about, acm, adamfaja, aduroadvisors, agencyoasis, agilefusion, aim, akamai, alfabet, altaadvisers, alum, ams, anbdesign, Antioch, aol, apexvc, appstate, appzero, arcprise, arellaaxelrod, aronoffs, asgsolutions, assumption, astronautdinosaur, atlanticbb, atlasventure, att, attglobal, auctionsbycellular, austin, austinchamber, automationmed, aweida, axceler, babson, backupify, bain, barokas, battery, baystatesavings, beacon-edit, beantownmv, bellsouth, bendcable, berk, berkshirepartners, bicyclematt, biddingforgood, bidmc, binghamton, bit9, blackcatcircus, blackrock, blackstone, blue-dun, bluewin, bmpvc, bollard, bondsinc, boomtownroi, bostinno, bostonseed, braunhagey, bridgegroupinc, brightcove, brighttag, broadcreekpartners, brokenboxlabs, bssmedia, btig, bu, build, bulgerpartners, buysellads, c-4analytics, cambiumnetworks, canaan, capecoder, carbonneutral, casaccount, cassidyturley, cbs, centinelacapital, centurytel, cfli, charer, charlesandtorkin, charter, chenpr, choate, chrometop, cictr, classvgroup, cloudhealthtech, clovisgroup, coflowinvesting, coin-operated, collective, colorado, comast, comcast, concepthouse, constantcontact, copper, cornel, cornell, corporatefuelpartners, cox, coxds, cpcinternet, credit-suisse, crv, csgi, csocompass, cueball, custommade, daceventures, dailygrommet, dakotacom, datapointcapital, davebass, davidblocker, dcvc, dechert, deltapartners, dewdrops, dfrankel, digitalmana, digitas, divinvest, dmgevents, dockyard, dominickanddominick, du, dulson, dvalpacas, dyn, earthink, earthlink, eartlink, eliassen, elon, email, embarqmail, emberaneuro, emcap, engelmann, enhancedcapital, epcostello, ericashman, eriua, etoncorp, excellenc, excite, ezcater, famapr, fancred, fastmail, feld, fellowes, finnova, finsix, firstround, florida golf coast university, flybridge, foleyhoag, ForbesMA, fortress, forwardfocusmedia, foundercollective, fountainpartners, freshtilledsoil, frontier, gac, galawpartners, gazonks, gcaionline, gci, gcvp, generalassemb, genesyslab, georgetown, geran, getbeehive, getmobee, getprivy, gfjlawfirm, gis, glam, globalendowment, gmavt, gonyea, google, googlemail, gorge, gracecreek, greenmtncomm, greentownlabs, greyrockcapitalgroup, GryphonVP, gs, gsocap, guidespark, gupta, haaps, haimrich, happyhardcore, hargray, harrisonworld, harvard, harvard law, hawaii, hawaiiantel, hbagency, hbs, hcp, hireminds, hllawyers, hmwinternational, holmangroup, horizontechfinance, hotmail, hsbc, htgc, hubspot, hyperionlawboston, iaventures, ibux, icloud, iconiqcapital, icorps, illumina-interactive, imediaconnection, immunexcite, iname, inbox, inductus, indy, inexadvisors, infinite-jest, inknowvation, intel, intelligent, ipsfundservices, itsalesrecruiters, ivp, ix netcom, jafco, jenniferjones, jgoin, jhmi, jhtholdings, jhu, juno, kacreative, kaigray, kanefamily, kennethnorton, keycodemedia, kinkaid, kinvey, klacko, kwmcommunications, lacera, landwater, latticesemi, leveragepoint, liaison-intl, libero, librarything, lifeinsynergy, linemery, linmedia, live, llrpartners, localnet, longbeach, lpanalyst, luckey7, luckypennypress, lw, m3planning, mac, madpow, magetech, mail, mainsailpartners, martini-corp, matchbox, maxpoint, mba2014, mcgladrey, mcnairgrp, me, mediabiz, meridianpint, metrocast, michaelrr, mindspring, ming-tai, MIT, mitx, ml, mobiplug, mockrealty, mojiva, monetate, moodys, morganstanley, moser-pennyroyal, mozoo, mpnet, mrg, msn, msu, myfairpoint, mypacks, myteamwright, nahilcomm, nbcuni, nea, needhamco, nemont, netikus, netscape, netzero, neu, newalta, newenglandvc, newsguy, nexage, nextcomputing, nmfn, noblefeast, northbridge, northeastern university, now, ntrs, nutter, nvp, objectivelogistics, offshoreyacht, openairboston, openviewlabs, openviewpartners, optonline, ormincorporated, osu, outlook, oxbridgegroup, pacbell, pacejet, pacifier, paeaonline, pandora, panix, pantheon, parallaxcap, paul-mccoy, paulcap, pbtcomm, pcecompanies, peak, pearsoft, pefundservices, peloruscom, perkstreet, pfief, pitchbook, pjmlaw, plastiq, platteriverequity, poddesign, pointjudithcapital, polachi, politico, portad, priceintelligently, prodigy, promoboxx, psilos, ptd, q, racsb, raincastle, ralphshao, ramp, rapid7, raytheon, rcn, rcolinkennedy, reachone, recidivismrisk, redroverhq, remington, reneewarren, rentabilities, responsiblemedia, rhythmnewmedia, rice, richarddixon, rit, riveronconsulting, roadrunner, robeybaur, rocketfuel, rocktech, rowellfamily, rt-sftwr, runmarathontraining, rusticcanyon, rwbaird, salesforce, sau, sbcglobal, scrippsnetworks, scsfinancial, secondalpha, secondgenome, sfww, sgcib, shapeup, shaw, shoreham, shorepointscapital, siemens, signalhill, silverweave, skcapitalpartners, skibiski, skinnerfawcett, sloan, smart-trade, smartbear, smartcorp, smitpatel, socal rr, softsoil, solutionprov, sparkplugpower, sparringpartners, speakeasy, spencerdavis, spotxchange, springboardsconsulting, srpadvisorsllc, sswlaw, stanford, stempm, stonehengegc, streetwise-media, summerhillvp, summit-technical, sunflower, svb, synchronyvm, syracuse, t3advisors, taosnet, tclmc, tctwest, tech4autismnow, tekkamecca, tenorpartners, terriblelabs, thebarnetts, thecforoundtable, theconsig, themetropolitanbank, themillerclan, theoldtry, thesaocolgroup, TheThinkingSalesman, thingstododc, tidewater, tomcole, tonemedia, tosadesign, tourexpo, towson, tpg, tributes, tufts, tugg, tulane, twinfocuscapital, ubersense, ucdenver, ucr, uga, umassd, umiami, umich, umsl, undertone, unicredit, university of west florida, university of rhode island, upwordsem, us mcd, usadatanet, USC, usv, utahfof, uw, vanderbilt, venturefizz, verabradley, verizon, versionone, vhfa, villanova, virginia, vishaypg, visi, vitullo, vmware, voctech, vt, vybion, w2groupinc, warnerprosales, washpost, wayfair, webex, WeGush, wellingtonfund, wernauassetmanagement, wesleyan, wheaton, whitepages, widmayer, wildblue, wilmerhale, winmarkcorporation, winterwyman, wistia, wolfgreenfied, workbar, wpboston, WPI, xconomy, xlgroup, yahoo, yahoo-inc, yesware, ymail, yoursoundboard, yoursuspect, zdbs, zepppelin, zeroginc, ziptask

Press Coverage of Your Amazing Support

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Plus coverage from Fortune.com’s Dan Primack, WBUR’s NPR, WBZ, extensive twitter mention, and more. Your efforts made a huge difference and this wide ranging publicity shows just that.  Thank you.