Zoe Anetakis, Executive Director 

Zoe joined TUGG to encourage Boston's tech community to engage in their community and support social innovation.  She is also an Accomplice team member. Prior to venturing into the start up community, Zoe was a marketing and investor relations professional for various Boston based alternative investment firms.  She began her career in investment management.  Zoe earned her bachelor of arts from Emory University in 2002 and was designated a CFA charterholder in 2006.  She does not miss the finance world one little bit.

Elizabeth Dobrska, Managing Director

Elizabeth joined TUGG to help promote our mission and get her peers in the tech community pumped about philanthropy and community involvement. Her background is a perfect blend of tech and nonprofit. Prior to joining TUGG, Elizabeth was Director of Marketing at a venture capital fund where she drove marketing, community and investor relations. She began her career at a startup, then went on to be an innovative marketing manager at a nonprofit and advising European startups before joining the VC world. Elizabeth earned her B.A. from Mount Holyoke College. Outside of work she is a supporter of the arts and an avid animal welfare activist.  


Jeff Fagnan, President/ Founder, TUGG/ Accomplice

Jeff Fagnan, President/ Founder, TUGG/ Accomplice

Fred Shilmover, Founder/ CEO, InsightSquared

Fred Shilmover, Founder/ CEO, InsightSquared

Jenet Comenos, CEO, Spotted Media

Jenet Comenos, CEO, Spotted Media

Engagement Council

The Engagement Council is a group of dedicated volunteers and TUGG evangelists who help TUGG fulfill our mission of engaging our community and supporting innovative nonprofits.

Aaron Lumnah, Social Media
Aaron has spent his career working for Boston tech companies, and fell in love with the city's tech community after serving as a founding member of He's a marketer by day, and a dedicated yogi, runner, traveler, and aspiring chef by night.

Christine Belsky, Photography
Christine has worked in a few different industries before finally finding a home with Deloitte.  In her free time, she enjoys competitive bowling, photography, cooking and craft beer.

John Rocker, Social Media
John became interested in the vibrant Boston tech community after working with a number of startup organizations in the area. He is a social media enthusiast, competent home cook and karaoke aficionado.


Jeff Fagnan, President/ Founder

Jeff is a partner at Accomplice, a Boston area venture capital firm focused on seed and early stage technology investments.  He refers to himself as an organic farmer.  Seems fitting.

Dana Samuels, Founder

Dana is a long time fundraising consultant to venture capital firms.  She has worked with a number of prominent Boston firms and is currently working with a group out of New York City.

Hemant Taneja, Founder

Hemant is managing director of General Catalyst Partners and runs their Silicon Valley offices.