2017 New Year's Resolution: Do More for Your Community

Giving Back with TUGG is Easy and Fun!

The top feedback that we received last year was that companies and individuals would like more meaningful ways to get involved with TUGG's nonprofits. So we put together this list of organizations that need your help!

By giving just a little bit of time, you can make a BIG difference in a young person's life! Check out the list below to see what volunteer or mentoring opportunity is best for you and get involved today!

New Year's Resolution: Volunteer More

TUGG it Forward: Evening of Service Benefitting Level Ground
Thursday, January 19 6 - 8:00pm
Help TUGG portfolio nonprofit Level Ground set up their new Athletic, Academic, and Job Training Center! Volunteers will work on a variety of projects, including moving in/setting up key equipment in our Athletic center, setting up our Academic & Computer Lab, and other key projects to make the Training Center functional and gorgeous for our students!

Register here.

Fundraising Task Force or Data Team for First Teacher
First Teacher's would like to invite members of the TUGG community to join their Fundraising Task Force or Data Team. The Fundraising Task Force will come up with creative and mission-aligned ways to raise money from individuals; the data team will identify ways to collect data in mission-aligned ways and then ways to analyze and present that data in respectful, empowering ways. No dog and pony show here! Both teams are diverse in the real ways, so if you want to work with people very different from yourself and make a major impact in Boston, please join us!

Interested? Contact: dshepherd@firstteacherboston.org

Science from Scientists One Day Volunteer Opp
Science from Scientists (SfS) is seeking help with stuffing packets for schools. We start half-year programs in February 2017 and we need some help assembling informational packets for our school partners who are on our waitlist. We have several hundred packets to assemble. Materials are in Bedford, MA but we are willing to meet volunteers at their company office if its more convenient. It would take a group of 4 or so less than an hour, and would be greatly appreciated!

Interested? Contact: amanda@sciencefromscientists.org

New Year's Resolution: Mentor More

BUILD Entrepreneurship Mentor
BUILD uses entrepreneurship and experiential learning to ignite the potential of youth in under-resourced communities and equip them for high school, college and career success. BUILD mentors meet with our students once a week at our partner schools and work with them as they learn teamwork and collaboration skills, create and grow their businesses, and manufacture and sell their products.

Get Involved
Questions? Contact: kquigleymellor@build.org

Resilient Coders Mentor
Help Resilient Coder's young people learn the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We have three programs: Our Tuesday/Thursday "Community" drop-in program, our intensive 8-week Bootcamp, and Resilient Lab, our web development company. All have need of your help. 
Get Involved.

Mentor Scientist, Lawrence, MA
Science Club for Girls is seeking committed, energetic volunteers to lead their young girls. Past volunteers have included: undergraduate students, graduate students, medical school students, doctors, professors, lab scientists and engineers. Led by 1-2 women scientists and 2 Junior Mentors, groups of eight girls make observations, test hypothesis and keep journals as biologists, chemists, and physicists, and design and build various structures as engineers. The year culminates in a science fair where our young scientists show off their new skills to friends and family.

Interested? Contact: volunteers@scienceclubforgirls.org

WeThrive College Mentor
WeThrive is seeking college students for their entrepreneurial mentoring program that pairs college students with local middle and high school students. WeThrive mentors walk youth participants through the creation of business ventures where they learn valuable life skills such as public speaking, habit adoption, and goal setting strategies. 90 minutes/week time commitment. Mentors are trained before entering the classroom and provided with ongoing coaching to ensure success. 

Interested? Contact: kami@teamwethrive.org

2016 TUGG By The Numbers

All the KPIs You Need to Know About TUGG's 2016

2016 was an eventful year (literally) for TUGG! 

We hosted the most events in our history and brought together nearly 6,000 people from across Boston tech. From the Wine Party to four different tourneys to our first ever Tech Night at the Museum. 

You were there for the best of it - thank you for making 2016 such a great year for us.

Here's to a fruitful 2017!

Funding Update: First Teacher, Mass Leap, WeThrive

Funding Update: First Teacher, Mass Leap, WeThrive



History was made this past April at TUGG's 10th Annual Wine and Tequila Party: for the first time ever, thanks to all your votes we had a tie for first place in the new nonprofit category between First Teacher and WeThrive. Both nonprofits joined TUGG's portfolio, along with our third place winner, MassLEAP. Read on to see what they've been up to since April.

Give to TUGG Today and Double the Good!

Today's the day! Your gift to TUGG will be doubled!

Today, Giving Tuesday, TUGG kicks off the largest fundraising campaign in our history. We are nailing ourselves to a $1M goal, to be capped off at our 2017 Wine Party on March 30.

Let's repeat that:
$1M by March 30

To get us started, and in the spirit of leading the charge, our founder Jeff Fagnan is matching the first $25k of donations today ONLY!

 Donate Now 

Today and throughout this campaign we're counting on everyone's participation. This is an important moment for Boston tech to show our leadership around not only innovation but also community.  

We will use this fundraise to secure our grant writing for the year. Through our grants we write the "first check" to innovative non-profits, bringing experimental pilot programming to life. We are one of the only funders in Boston that takes this kind of risk.


  1. Become an Annual Partner. Give $10k-$50k and enjoy TUGG's Annual Partner benefits all year long. 
  2. Sponsor the Wine Party. A gift of at least $2,500 will give you all the benefits of sponsorship. 
  3. Just give. Any amount helps. We ask that you give what you can. We have a guide to giving levels to help steer you in the right direction. 

Can't give cash? Give equity. Join the Pledge1% movement.

As it does for start-ups, fundraising takes us away from the real work of TUGG. We set up this campaign so we only need to ask you once this year to give what you can. 

Step up today to donate now or email zoe@tugg.org for more info.

We're counting on you Boston. Thank you for your support!

What Does TUGG Do Exactly?

Since joining TUGG as Executive Director in 2015 I have met many of you and you have had the same question…

What does TUGG do exactly?

TUGG (Technology Underwriting Greater Good)  funds the most experimental nonprofit programming focused on local under-resourced youth. We find the most innovative nonprofits tackling big, hard problems in their communities and we write the first check to make their programming a reality. 

Do we serve our community in other ways? Of course. TUGG is ultimately the nonprofit arm of Boston’s tech community and we do, as our mission states, connect and engage technologists, entrepreneurs, and innovators across New England to give back to the community.

Make no mistake, TUGG’s contribution to the local nonprofit landscape is crucial.

We are one of two local funders that are willing to write “the first check”, and the only funder that focuses exclusively on experimental youth programming.

If we want to make big progress in the issues facing our local under-resourced youth, we have to come at the challenges with new solutions and new models. TUGG makes this possible. 

How do you fit in?

Someone, at some point gave you a shot to prove yourself. Start-ups represent the ultimate meritocracy, and through your smarts and hard work you found success.

Being a member of the TUGG community means paying that forward. Your donations fund the grants that we write to nonprofits so that the entrepreneurs in the TUGG portfolio can have that shot of making their programming a reality. 

We raise every penny, every year, and rely on the support of the New England tech community to make our work possible. 

A Call to Action

 This Giving Tuesday, we ask that you consider a donation to TUGG to help us further our mission and fund our grant-writing. Or even better, donate now

Thank you for your consideration, your engagement, and your support.

- Zoe Anetakis
Executive Director, TUGG

One Nonprofit that Is Making Our Youth's Voices Heard in Our Democracy

TUGG Portfolio Nonprofit Generation Citizen Ensures that All Students Can Participate in Our Democracy

Today is Election Day and while many of us can't wait for this election to be over, it's good to take a moment to celebrate how our youth can impact change in our political system. Today we want to highlight one of our nonprofits that works to provide young people with the tools necessary to participate in our democracy, encouraging them to use the their voices as a catalyst for change.

 Through action-oriented civics education programming, Generation Citizen (GC) works to ensure our kids, particularly those in under-resourced communities, have the knowledge and skills to participate in our democracy as active citizens. 

GC  inspires civic participation by giving students the opportunity to experience real-world democracy. Through student-driven projects, young people learn how to effect policy change by engaging with local government and leaders to solve community problems. Everything from calling their local senator to writing petitions to their city council. 

Most recently, on Saturday they hosted their 2016 Civic Tech Challenge Hackathon where students and technologists created data visualizations, digital storytelling tools, and information communication technologies that helped the students advance change on key community issues like violence, homelessness, mental health, and substance abuse.

GC's awards reception this Thursday will highlight each team’s work, as they present their ideas to event honoree Diane Hessan (chairman of C Space), a judging panel of Greater Boston’s top civic leaders (TUGG included!), and 250+ local innovators. Tickets are still available if you're interested in supporting their great work. After you hear these students, we guarantee you will leave feeling inspired about the future of our nation!

In addition to their Civic Tech Challenge programming, GC will also be the beneficiary of proceeds from TUGG's Tech Trivia Night this coming Wednesday. Hope to see you there and happy voting!

Recapping #TechGivesBack2016

1500 Volunteers, 70+ Companies @ 50+ Nonprofits

TUGG’s Tech Gives Back day of service is made possible through the generosity of Silicon Valley Bank and its employees. Our volunteer sites are tirelessly coordinated and powered by Building Impact.

Give Kindness, Give Time, Give Back

Our 6th annual Tech Gives Back day of service on October 20 brought out 1,500 TUGGers from over 70 companies to get in to give back at 50+ nonprofits across Boston.

Our team had the opportunity to visit several volunteer sites throughout the day to show our support and appreciation for the volunteers. Spirits were high and impact was huge! 

Here are just a few impressive numbers from the day:

Tech Gives Back surpassed our wildest expectations in so many ways. Our partner in all things Tech Gives Back, Silicon Valley Bank, brought this day to New York City for a second year in a row and San Francisco for the first time. While Rapid7 shut down their entire office, 900 people globally, to do a company-wide day of service as part of Tech Gives Back. AND to top things off, we had an extraordinarily beautiful autumn day!

There's a lot of good in our town and our industry, and a lot of good done by Boston tech. We're glad to have a day where we can collectively give back and show just how much we can accomplish together to improve our communities.

Volunteer Hard, Play Hard

If you know anything about TUGG, then you know that no TUGG event is complete without a celebration!  Our after party, generously hosted by the Innovation and Design Building, offered an opportunity for volunteers to relax and have fun after an long and exhausting day of service. 

Several TUGG nonprofits joined in on the fun too including, BUILD, InnerCity Weightlifting, Future ChefsMassLEAP, Resilient Coders and Science Club for Girls.


Day of service photos collected from Twitter hare been added to our Facebook album.

Photos from the after party are now up on our Facebook page!

Take a look and tag yourself, your friends and your company!

Silicon valley bank

When we first launched Tech Gives Back, we knew we couldn't do it alone. As always, Boston's tech community put us on its shoulders and lifted us up to support this remarkable event. As Tech Gives Back grew and 500 volunteers became 1,500, we knew we needed someone big who could carry the weight of this massive and most wonderful event. That's when Silicon Valley Bank stepped up to work with us to make the day possible.

"We are privileged to be a part of Boston’s thriving tech community. It is our pleasure to spend a whole day giving back to our city that has given us so much and help those less fortunate." SVB's Managing Director of Venture Capital, Pamela Aldsworth

Not only does SVB underwrite the event, but they provide the project leads to man every volunteer site and kept things running smoothly. Thank you, Silicon Valley Bank, for making our 6th annual Tech Gives Back possible!


We also count on the generosity of sponsors to help cover costs, keep our lights on, and fund our grantwriting, which provides the most experimental, start-up nonprofits a chance to make their programming a reality for local under-resourced youth. 

Here's to you!

Rapid7 pushed the boundaries by closing its offices, starting the #Rapid7Challenge. #BOSTech stayed EverTrue to philanthropy along with Threat Stack, who stacked up volunteers to champion Perkins' Blindways App. BookBub put down their books to join them, and we were pumped to see GasBuddy leave the car at home to tag bus stop signs too. Sqrrl was on the hunt to give back, but you never need to search with Polachi on board. MFA keeps track of our coin, EY helps us build a better community, and we always do good with Goodwin.

Veracode cracked the code to make our day successful while Acquia kept us on cloud 9. We knew we could count "in" LogMeIn as well as Hopper, who were hoppin' to help. We love-love-love us some Lola Travel and were excited to see PayPal pay it forward. Holy moly Foley Hoag, we are so thankful to count you as friends, and  KPMG we know you will always deliver.

Side note: Honk your horn if you love Bullhorn!

The security warriors at Carbon Black conquered Waltham sites together with Constant Contact (we hope to stay in touch!) and CyberArk moved two-by-two to their volunteer post. VentureApp ventured over to Room to Grow while team BostInno screamed TGB from the rooftops. DataXu schooled over at the Murphy School and Imprivata improve-ata'd a campground at Blue Hills. clypd turned off the TV and Vivox put down the game controller to get into giving back.

We think .406 Ventures always bats 400 and we're thankful for our OpenView to next year's Tech Gives Back! If fama PR is like family, the team at Accomplice are our partners in crime.

and WHOOP, there it is...

Tech Gives Back is powered by Building Impact, whose tireless coordination of nonprofit sites made the day a success. We are thankful to our gracious hosts at The Innovation and Design Building and to NM Events for planning a great afterparty staffed by GladlyDo. We got you in with Attend and got you there with Uber.

Featured at the after party, you enjoyed cider season with Downeast Cider Housecrushed wine with  FitVinerefreshed your palette with Polar Beverageswent high brow with  Privateer Rumre-energized with Red Bull,  drank beer with the best of Boston with Samuel Adamsand treated yourself with Yasso.

new to tugg?

If you're new to our community follow us on Twitter and Instagram and like our Facebook page to stay up to date with upcoming tech events and ways to get involved with our innovative nonprofits. 

Go Outdoors for Tech Gives Back!

New Outdoor Projects Added to Tech Gives Back!

We sit in an office all day, why not use October 20th as an opportunity not only do something good for the community but also to get out of the office and into the great outdoors? 

Tech Gives Back is next week and it looks like the weather will be fabulous, so we added several park related projects to the roster!

Participation in Tech Gives Back is free (though we hope you'll consider making a donation) and you can register as an individual, team, department or your whole company!

Outdoor Volunteer Projects

Scroll through the projects below to find the one that works for you and your team, department or company. When you know the one you want to volunteer for, register here.

ALLSTON: The Parents and Community Build Group - Ringer Park

Address: 1 Webley St, Boston, MA 02134

Project Details
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Volunteers will be assisting the Ringer Park Partnership Group with litter removal, flower bulb planting, gardening, and landscape improvements throughout the 12.38 acres of Ringer Park in Allston.

BROOKLINE: Town of Brookline: Parks and Open Space Division

Address: 360 Goddard Ave, Brookline, MA 02445

Project Details

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Volunteers will work throughout the 40 acres park with park rangers to significantly help with invasive plant removal and trail/walkway maintenance.

EAST BOSTON: The Friends of the Boston HarborWalk

Address:  Initial meeting location:  246 Border Street (Shaw's Supermarket)

Project Details

9:00 AM - 1:30 PM (Lunch included for volunteers)

Volunteers will remove trash, remove dead plantings and clean up four parks and adjacent areas along the East Boston HarborWalk.  Volunteers will begin the day together, and then split up into four groups to work in the following locations:  255 Condor Street (the Condor Street Urban Wild), 470 Meridian Street (the Condor Street Overlook), 200 Sumner Street (LoPresti Park), and 113 Sumner Street (Carleton's Wharf).

MEDFORD: Mystic River Watershed Association - Macdonald Park

Address: Macdonald Park Parking Lot Medford (intersection of RT 28/16) Use THIS google maps link.

Project Details

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Volunteers will be helping with the removal of invasive plants and trash pick-up throughout this community park.

MILTON: Mass Audubon Blue Hills Trailside Museum

Address: 1904 Canton Ave, Milton, MA 02186

Project Details
Volunteers will work on preparing the museum and surrounding areas for winter, trail maintenance, invasive plant removal, raking and seeding, etc.

NATICK: Mass Audubon's Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary

Address: 280 Eliot Street, Natick MA 01760

Project Details

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM (Lunch will be provided to volunteers)
Volunteers will work on trail maintenance, invasive plant removal, raking and seeding nature play area, etc

Find a project that sounds perfect for you? Register now!

Tech Gives Back is brought to you by Silicon Valley Bank and TUGG. Volunteer projects and sites are powered by Building Impact.

Pledge 1% Boston - The Start of a Movement

Accomplice Pledges 1% of Carry to Two TUGG Portfolio Nonprofits

Last Wednesday was a special day in Boston tech and philanthropy. We celebrated the launch of Pledge 1% Boston, an initiative spearheaded by the Boston Foundation and supported by TUGG.

Pledge 1% is a national corporate philanthropy movement dedicated to making new stakeholders in support of local communities. Pledge 1% encourages and challenges individuals and companies to pledge 1% of equity, product, and employee time for their communities. We are are grateful that the Boston Foundation brought this to Boston and are proud to call them a partner, collaborator and fellow funder of social innovation in our great city.

The packed launch event brought together leaders in Boston's innovation and social sectors including Accomplice, GreenLight Fund, MassChallenge, and others. 

Photo: TBF

Photo: TBF

10 companies have taken the pledge in Boston so far including: Accomplice, CoachUp, Cuseum, Freebird, FundLatinosGravyty, Nanogenecs, Ovuline, and Pepper Lane. We believe this is just the start and as more companies catch wind of this, the list of 10 will soon grow to 20+.

TUGG's founder, Jeff Fagan, brought goosebumps to attendees as he spoke about joining the movement of Pledge 1% "This is a movement and that's why I ask you not to join me, but to join we and make Pledge 1% a part of the fabric of our community."

TUGG's ED, Zoe Anetakis & Tim Smith from TBF Photo: TBF

TUGG's ED, Zoe Anetakis & Tim Smith from TBF
Photo: TBF

Hands down, the most exciting moment of the night came from Jeff who announced that Accomplice is pledging 1% of its carry (unheard of in the VC world) and splitting that 1% between two TUGG nonprofits, InnerCity Weightlifting and Resilient Coders. While 1% may not sound like a lot, 1% of a several million dollar fund is huge deal and will make an extraordinary impact on these two organizations.

Our hope is that others will follow suit and join the movement as Pledge 1% snowballs into something bigger and better than we could ever imagine.

Below you can read a sample of Accomplice's Pledge 1% announcement.

Repost from Accomplice:

"We at Accomplice pledge to give 1% of our carry to TUGG nonprofits InnerCity Weightlifting and Resilient Coders. They’re two Boston-based organizations fighting to bring social and economic equality to under-resourced youth, and they’ve done amazing work.

The Pledge 1% campaign asks startup employees to commit to giving 1% of their equity, time, or product to nonprofits in their community. It’s a pledge to pay it forward if you become successful.

VC firms don’t have equity the same way that startups do, so we give our employees carried interest (or “carry”) in our funds. Carry is complicated, but think of it as our share of the profits we generate from our company-building and investing efforts.

We’re splitting our 1% pledge between InnerCity Weightlifting (ICW) and Resilient Coders, two nonprofits that started with TUGG and have grown to become part of the Boston tech community and our culture at Accomplice. TUGG supports nonprofits at the earliest stages through crowdsourced grants. These nonprofits are often the riskiest — and boldest — out there. And just like tech startups, they need someone to believe in them when they’re just a big idea and a tiny group of motivated people..." Continue reading.

TGB 2016: Why Rapid7 Is Shutting Down Its Offices for Tech Gives Back

Q&A with Rapid7’s Chief People Officer, Christina Luconi

TUGG relies on the support of our annual partners to keep the lights on. We are always amazed when these companies go above and beyond to run their company in the TUGG spirit by making giving back a part of their culture. One such company is Rapid7. Rapid7 is fairly new to TUGG’s community and yet their support of our mission and Tech Gives Back has been one of the most fervent of any of our supporters.

Rapid7’s Chief People Officer and culture architect, Christina Luconi, spearheaded the company’s decision to shut down their offices for the entire day on October 20th to participate in Tech Gives Back. Below Christina talks to us about developing culture, working with TUGG, and how to shut down your offices globally for a day of giving.

Below Christina talks to us about developing culture, working with TUGG, and how to shut down your offices globally for a day of giving.

Q: What’s something about the Rapid7 workplace that might surprise our community?
A: We are a pretty special company to work for. While culture and people efforts are just now picking up momentum with press -- and are rightfully getting increased attention from businesses -- it’s been written into our DNA since the beginning. We have scaled quickly, gone public, and grown a vibrant business without losing our soul – all because we understand that our people are at the center of making it all work.

Q: How do you work on something like “culture” at a large, public company? What advice would you give to start-ups that are rapidly developing their teams and culture?
A: We’ve worked very hard to keep our five core values the center of our culture, regardless of our private or public status. Our core values – created by our people, for our people – are woven into every element of our employee lifecycle. They guide our behavior and help shape our decision making. As a result, they serve as the thread that ties all of us together. Of course, every office and team have their own unique vibe, but we all share the same core belief system. I’d suggest any small company spend some time early on figuring out exactly “why” they exist, and articulate the behaviors that will help the company to be successful. Then it’s about ensuring every action and behavior maps back to those beliefs.

Q: Rapid7 volunteered with Tech Gives Back for the first time last year with a small team. What made you decide to shut the entire company down globally for TGB this year?
A: We’ve been a partner of TUGG for years, but last year we decided to commit in a much bigger way – both in terms of time and dollars. Those of us who participated in Tech Gives Back last year loved the element of giving back to our community, but actually found working together with co-workers you don’t necessarily get to partner with on a daily basis was a huge bonus. As a result, we decided to partner with TUGG on local projects, and simultaneously have all our other offices across the globe lead their own community service project.

It’s a pretty exciting prospect to see so many people galvanized to support their communities, and spend some time connecting personally as well.

Q: Logistically, how do you shut down a company of 900 people with 3 offices across the globe on a Thursday in October?
A: It does take some planning. In our case, we’ve been planning all year. We’ve had to get creative with some of our teams who need to be “on call” for customers, etc. but we’re a committed bunch. I have no doubt our folks will be ready to be able to step away for a few hours.

Q: What advice would you give companies who are considering shutting down their offices and taking the #Rapid7Challenge but are nervous about how it will affect their business?
A: Involve a broad group of people in the planning. Ensure you are thinking through the needs and restrictions of everyone, and offer a variety of options to accommodate. If people are excited, motivated and committed, they likely won’t miss a beat!

TUGG annual partner Rapid7 has committed to closing its offices globally on October 20 for Tech Gives Back and will commit its entire employee base to a day of service alongside TUGG. Will you commit to getting your team out in full force? Take the #Rapid7Challenge and tweet us @TUGGOrg!

When Tech Gives Back, Boston Wins

Join Us for TUGG’s 6th Annual Tech Gives Back Day of Service

With the summer behind us, Boston is back in the groove - the mean, lean tech machine is hard at work. Take a look around you on your morning commute, the shift in mindset is palpable.

Boston’s nonprofits are ramping up too, ready to serve those who need help the most. Soup kitchens planning out warm meals for cold nights. Schools purchasing supplies to challenge young minds. Homeless shelters preparing beds for those who don’t have a place to call home. These nonprofits can’t succeed without the support of their communities, so this October 20th we ask you to get out of the office and into your community for Tech Gives Back!

Registration is Now Open!

Together with Silicon Valley Bank join over 1,500 TUGGers for our 6th Annual Tech Gives Back day of service. We will volunteer dozens of nonprofit sites serving over 9,000 hours in just one day to benefit Boston’s homeless, veterans, seniors, and at-risk families and youth. Participation is completely free to ensure that everyone who wants to give back, can.

Tech Gives Back is one of our  favorite days of the year because it brings out the best of Boston’s tech community. And our leadership is clear: Tech Gives Back is the biggest day of service in the world by number of companies involved. No one does community like Boston.

Take a moment to browse through our volunteer projects here and see what project speaks to your heart and your company culture. Registration is now open!

Get your colleagues - or your whole company! - on board and help us honor the organizations that makes our city a vibrant place to work and live, not to mention a great place to build companies.

Rally the Troops!

TUGG annual partner Rapid7 has committed to closing its offices globally on October 20 and will commit its entire employee base to a day of service alongside TUGG. Will you commit to getting your team out in full force? Take the #Rapid7Challenge and tweet us @TUGGOrg!

Party to Celebrate A Hard Day’s Work

No TUGG event would be complete without a party. After a day of work, we will come together for a casual community “block party” at The Innovation and Design Building (with many thanks to the generosity of Jamestown Properties for their support). TUGG’s entire nonprofit portfolio will join us as we unwind and reflect on the day.

Get in to Give Back

At TUGG we take a fresh perspective on sponsorship. We think it's not about what you get, it's about what you give.

It's no secret that cash is tight in the start-up community, but TUGG sponsors have their priorities straight. They believe in giving back to their community, the same community that allows them to prosper and that makes Boston a great place to work and live.

All TUGG sponsors donate what they can, whether it's $1,000 or $15,000+ based on the stage and growth of their company. All event sponsorship funds go towards TUGG grants to our portfolio of nonprofits.

Can we count you in? Email zoe@tugg.org to sponsor the afterparty and help support our mission of funding Boston’s most experimental nonprofits!

Register for Tech Gives Back today!

Special thanks to Silicon Valley Bank, our partner in making all things possible, for their leadership around community on Tech Gives Back and all year long.

Thanks also to Building Impact, our nonprofit project site coordinator.

TUGG's First Ever Tech Night at the Museum

A recap of when we took over the Gardner Museum!

Dubbed a "Boston tech hit," TUGG's sold-out Tech Night at the Museum was attended by 200 people from across Boston's tech, nonprofit and arts communities. The power of art is in the experience and we were thrilled to see such a great, engaged crowd experience the magic of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum with us and our portfolio nonprofits.

OutSide of the Box

Many of you have come to know TUGG for our "outside of the box" thinking and fresh perspective on the traditional networking event. We felt that Tech Night at the Museum was a unique opportunity to offer the Boston tech community something new and create a fun opportunity for engagement with our nonprofits via a museum-wide scavenger hunt. 

When you take an extraordinary space, add some startups plus TUGG nonprofits and mix in a little friendly competition, you get some truly exciting collaboration. Last Wednesday we saw the tech community out in full force working closely with our nonprofit innovators which included First Teacher, Future Chefs, MassLEAP, Resilient Coders, Science Club for Girls and WeThrive. Together the teams took to passionately exploring the museum in hopes of winning the scavenger hunt. We knew the scavenger hunt would be a hit - and it was! Congrats to Future Chefs team 1 for taking first place!

At the End of the Night

We were most excited that people who otherwise might not have interacted with one another had the opportunity to connect and work together and hopefully leave with a deeper understanding of TUGG's mission: to engage and connect Boston's tech community with the riskiest nonprofits in Boston. We received immensely positive feedback during and after the event. And even on social, where you know people like to speak the truth, we could see that people enjoyed the night. Our favorite comments include: "it was epic" and "great event. well done!" "great networking and content - a tough mix to master!" "#grateful to be this close to a Raphael at @gardnermuseum via #TUGGtheMuseum Here's to pioneers!"

So, not to fear TUGGers, we'll be adding this one to the official TUGG roster for next year!

Thank you to our Sponsors

The night would not have been possible without our fantastic sponsors: the Isabella Stewart Gardner for allowing us to have the run of the place, underwriter EY, and art/tech startups ArtLifting, Cuseum and TurningArt who show us how art and tech come together, along with annual partners Attend, .406 Ventures and BostInno who help power us.

To see more photos from the evening, view our complete album and feel free to tag yourselves!

For additional perspectives on Tech Night at the Museum check out some of the articles and blog posts below:

Join TUGG and Level Ground for an Outdoor Boxing Bootcamp!

Get Your Boxing Gloves On And Get Ready to Sweat! 

Bring your besties, your bros or just your workout-focused self and get ready to sweat your scrunchies off! This Wednesday you'll learn the basics of boxing from  TUGG portfolio nonprofit Level Ground and their Student Trainers during a 60-minute, outdoor cardio circuit.

Level Ground and TUGG are proud to present our Beantown Boxing Bootcamp: Sweatin' to the 80s on Wednesday, July 20 outdoors on the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway. This event is open to all fitness levels and no boxing experience is required. Level Ground will provide everything you need to participate including boxing gloves. 

The outdoor session is conveniently located near downtown and close to South Station on the Rose Kennedy Greenway - Corner of High Street and Atlantic Ave

Tickets are only $15 per person and all proceeds benefit Level Ground's student trainer job training program, so register now!  

LGMMA's mission is to bring the Boston community together through this unique fitness experience while empowering urban youth. So come on out, strap on some gloves, and get ready for an evening of fun and sweat...to the tune of classic 80s jams!  

This event is generously brought to you by Lovepop along with .406 VenturesAccompliceAttend and BostInno.

Recap fama PR's 5th Annual Baggo Tourney

Huge thanks to fama PR and everyone who attended their 5th Annual Baggo Tourney benefitting TUGG (Technology Underwriting Greater Good) on Friday!

This unofficial kick-off to summer is always a crowdpleaser. You can't beat fama PR's harbor views on a beautiful June day and last Friday's weather could not have been more ideal! 

20 baggo teams competed, with fama taking the win. Home team advantage? We think so!

The event raised over $3,100 for TUGG! These funds will go toward funding our nonprofits that serve under-resourced youth like Rightside Shirts who were present at the event to sell some of their awesome swag - all designed by local youth and benefitting their schools. Many of yesterday's attendees bought swag from Rightside Shirts (thank you!), learn more about them here.

Check out a few event photos from the fun here.

Our summer is full of fun! See what's coming up next!

Chill Out and Give Back All Summer Long with TUGG

Have Fun and Give Back this Summer!

TUGG is ready to rock your summer! When our team is out and about everyone always asks us... what's next? So here you go! A list of our summer events just for you, Boston's tech community, that you can have fun at and feel good about.

100% of proceeds from any TUGG event go to charity.

Check Out What's Coming Up!

fama PR's Annual Baggo Tourney
6/24 @ 11am

Boston's startup community will throw down for the afternoon and compete for the title of Boston's Best Baggo Team fama PR's roof deck. Proceeds benefit TUGG.

Back Bay Bar Hop
7/14 @ 6pm

Bring your friends and drink your way through Back Bay while supporting TUGG's portfolio nonprofits. We'll kick off the night with beer and bites at InsightSquared's office. More info + registration.


Beantown Boxing Bootcamp: Sweatin' to the 80s
7/20 @ 6pm

Bring your besties, your bros or just your workout-focused self and get ready to sweat your scrunchies off! All proceeds support LG's Student Trainer Certification program. More info + registration


Tech Night at the Museum
8/10 @ 6:30pm

Save the date for TUGG's first ever tech night at the museum powered by E&Y and Cuseum! TUGGers will take over the Isabella Stewart Gardner for a museum-wide scavenger hunt, networking, food and drinks. More details soon!


Somerville #TechPubCrawl
8/30 @ 6pm

Save the date for our 3rd Annual Somerville #TechPubCrawl with our friends at clypd! All proceeds will benefit Youth CITIES andWeThrive. Sponsorship opps are available. More details soon!

Get the Scoop on Sponsorship

Interested in getting in front of Boston's best? We're always seeking sponsors (large and small) for our events. 

What does sponsorship money go toward? The money TUGG raises through sponsorships goes to grant funding for our incredible nonprofits!

Email zoe@tugg.org to get involved!


Robots With Heart - Limited Edition Ts that Fund Arts Programs

Limited Edition Baby Onesies & Youth Tees
Designed by kids, for kids.

A few months ago we brainstormed with our friends at Rightside Shirts about a way to get the kids they work with involved in a limited edition tech related t-shirt. So we opened a Robots with Heart design competition to the students at the Patrick Lyndon Pilot School in West Roxbury, MA. We were absolutely amazed when we saw all of the awesome design submissions. Selecting our favorites was no easy task, but in the end we went with a design that melted our hearts!

The winning Robots with Heart limited edition baby and youth shirts, were designed by Jededia & Vanessa, two 7th graders from Patrick Lyndon Pilot, in partnership with Rightside ShirtsDefinery Silk Screen Printing, and TUGG. You know you want to get one for all of your friends with little kids!

Buying baby gifts is way more fun when your purchase is helping fund kids' creativity. Get one (or more) before they sell out!

Buy One 

100% of proceeds from every purchase will fund the art program at the Patrick Lyndon Pilot School.  

Definery graciously donated their printing services and sourced the shirts for us at their wholesale cost. That means for every purchase $16 goes back to the school, and TUGG will grant a total of $4k to the school's art program so that kids like Jededia and Vanessa can continue to explore their creativity!

And don't worry, if you want one for yourself, we have a limited run of Robots with Heart in adult sizes too. Women's and men's sizes are available as well as a selection of iphone cases, because while we're at it, why not make sure everyone can enjoy these adorable designs?



About Rightside Shirts

Rightside Shirts is a TUGG portfolio nonprofit that's all about imagination. They're on a mission to promote creativity and raise money for youth art education by selling goods designed by local kids. Follow Rightside Shirts on Twitter.

Our 10th Wine Party Topped Them All!

TUGG's 10th Annual Wine Party was like none before!

Last Thursday, we celebrated our 10th Annual Wine & Tequila Party at Landmark Center in Fenway. Thank you to the almost 2k attendees who came out to support social innovation and party with the best of 'em! If you couldn't make it, just know that you missed one heck of a party! Read more about it on BostInno.

First Tie in History!

Congrats to our returning nonprofit winner: Resilient Coders. Resilient Coders is a free, volunteer-based program focused on making web technology more available to kids who might not otherwise be exposed to it. Each student builds a website, coached along by a web professional.

For the first time ever we had a tie in the new nonprofit category! Congrats to new winners: First Teacher and We Thrive

"We're excited to join TUGG's portfolio of non-profits, which consists of a few mentors and advisors to our organization already," said Daquan Oliver, WeThrive's executive director. "It's an honor to receive the support of the TUGG and Boston community to take our platform that much further in achieving our mission."

First Teacher is a community of parents and caregivers working together to prepare all our children for success in kindergarten and beyond, and WeThrive is an entrepreneurial mentoring program that pairs college students with middle school and high school students in low-income households.

“It was a new experience. I had never done anything like that before, and when I left, I felt awesome, and I don’t think it had anything to do with us winning,” said Nikole Huertas, a founding parent leader at First Teacher. Congrats to all of the nonprofits!

Tag Yourself!

Photos from the Wine Party are now up on our Facebook page.

Check them out below and get tagging. There are some gems in here!

Photo booth photos by Press Pass TV
General event photos by Daniel Rothenberg

New to TUGG?

If you're new to our community follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page to stay up to date with upcoming tech events and ways to get involved with our innovative nonprofits.

Thank You

Congrats to the winners of our three raffles and special thanks to the generous supporters who donated all of the fabulous raffle items!

Take a minute review these companies below that have stepped up and placed community as a priority for their culture. They and their employees represent the very best of tech. Without them, there would be no TUGG.


The Six Local Nonprofits Competing for $50k at the 2016 Wine Party Are...

6 Outstanding Nonprofits Will Compete, You Will Decide

In just under two weeks, six local nonprofits will canvass the crowd at TUGG's 10th Annual Wine & Tequila Party, educating partygoers about their organizations and hustling for votes.

The nonprofits fall into two categories: those new to TUGG’s portfolio this year, and those returning. Each category will have a winner, determined by attendee votes. Both winners receive $50,000 in grant funding and runners-up will receive $10k.

Take a minute to learn about each of the nonprofits below:

2016 New Nonprofits

First Teacher is a community of parents and caregivers working together to prepare all our children for success in kindergarten and beyond. We believe we are our child's first teacher.


MassLEAP is dedicated to building and supporting spaces for youth to experience the transformative power of their own voices in community with one another. We exist as a platform for young people, artist-educators and organizers to foster positive youth development through spoken word poetry forums. 


WeThrive is an entrepreneurial mentoring program that pairs college students with middle school and high school students in low-income households. Youth participants create ventures of their own, earning real revenues but most importantly learning life skills and gaining a near-peer role model.


2016 Returning Nonprofits

Resilient Coders is a free, volunteer-based program focused on making web technology more available to kids who might not otherwise be exposed to it. Each student builds a website, coached along by a web professional.



Science Club for Girls fosters excitement, confidence, and literacy in STEM for girls from underrepresented communities by providing free, experiential programs and maximizing meaningful interactions with women mentors in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. 


Youth HUB is a youth and community development platform with a mission to dramatically improve employment and career readiness for local under-resourced youth.



Now that you have an idea of who your Wine Party ticket is helping support, keep in mind that it's open-source philanthropy. The crowd decides which nonprofits get funded based on engagement and connection with the community. Get ready to change someone's life with your vote!

Don’t have your ticket to the Wine Party yet? Grab one now



#TechRunsBoston: Q&A with Fred Shilmover, Founder and CEO of InsightSquared

#TechRunsBoston: Q&A with Fred Shilmover, Founder and CEO of InsightSquared

Fred Shilmover - Founder and CEO of InsightSquared and one of four runners on TUGG's 2016 Boston Marathon team.

The 2-time Boston Marathon runner, who is donating his bib proceeds to TUGG portfolio nonprofit Resilient Coders, sat down with us to share a little about who he is and why he's running Boston.

Here, Fred reflects on the best (and worst) parts of being a founder, his personal mantra, and why he chose to run for Resilient Coders.

#TechRunsBoston: Q&A with Davorin Gabrovec, Founder and CPO of Databox

#TechRunsBoston: Q&A with Davorin Gabrovec, Founder and CPO of Databox

Davorin Gabrovec - Founder and CPO of Databox and one of four runners on TUGG's 2016 Boston Marathon team.

The former martial arts champion who is donating his bib proceeds to TUGG portfolio nonprofit A Bed for Every Child, sat down with us to share a little about who he is and why he's running Boston.

Here, Davorin reflects on the which tech CEO he most admires, his personal mantra and why he chose to run for A Bed for Every Child.